A weekend to remember

My weekend was definitely one to remember. From the relaxing Friday and Saturday remodeling... to the BBQ I had with my girl on Sunday. Sunday starts the events I am sure you want to hear about. We started around 1pm... drinks, soul food, family and friends. The liquor was pouring fast... playing spades etc. I had male company over (my remodeling specialist) and he got toasted to the point when we got home @ 1am he passed out before I could get me some dick. So I went back to the party which was in my building anyways lol. My girl, her ex and her cousin were there so we played more spades. After all was said and done, the cuz went to sleep on the sofa.. and ol girl was like just crash here. She thought her ex was leaving but that wasn't the case. He came and got in bed with us... and well - he fucked the shit out of both of us. OMG let me tell you, dick for days and stamina of a fuckin race horse - he had us screaming for mercy! Ofcourse I didn't know that this particular friend of mine was into the female thing... but let me tell you we had the 3 sum of a lifetime.

Monday was bbq hoppin... from my girls pool party to the hood and back to the pool party. AN EXCELLENT weekend!

Back to work week :( Calgon save me!


Greg said…
Now that is a memorial day weekend to remember right there!