Whats up in my world...

I am so excited this weekend is FINALLY Exxxotica and I've spent alot of time preparing for this! I saw a post on Fat Forums where Farrah Foxx is going to be at Exxxotica also, so I hit her up to do some content exchange and shoot with her. I think she is absolutely beautiful and a get it girl much like me...classy, sexy and DEFINITELY a fox!! Matter of fact I am going to see if she will do my radio show WITH me on Tuesday. Definitely brings more to look forward to with this trip.... and you know I am going to hook up again and shoot with Mr Exxxotica I met last year!! Hot Miami Day was the video I shot with him and let me tell you one of MY FAVORITES! Yummy, creamy pussy thinking about his big ol' ding a ling!! So sexy he is... also Dirty Dade wants to take some pictures of me and put me in some booty shorts with the platinum puzzy logo on them... all blinged out! I am all for it! You need to come check me out there!
Also, getting prepared for my trip to LA...going to hit up Club Bounce and hopefully Bodacious Nights... we will see what happens! I really hope to meet Bodacious Nicole and some other hot females when I get there...
I went to the beach this weekend, got a lil sun - went and saw "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" LOVED IT!! Definitely a chick flick... but it was SOO good! And not to mention I did see Obsessed... YOU KNOW I LOVED IT! That man is SO fine... and Beyone put the whoopin on that crazy chick... my type of movie~!
Ive been getting ALOT of responses to wanting to be in porn! In the midst of all those posts I found me a hottie whom I might even keep to myself... definitely a looker, and he is from Jersey so he has the "accent" and mentality of NY - I LOVES ME SOME OF THAT! He seems real cool, down to earth and about his BBW woman - and THAT I can have alot of! He knows who HE IS = "C" - wink wink @ ya baby. Might not be on the market much longer cuz Im lonely - this single life leads to lots of empty bed nights and movies with friends when it should be my man so we can get jiggy with it!!
Monster dick came by and we fucked but it just wasn't the same. SHORT, and he was gone within a half hour. He says its because he is tired from working all the time. I told him to keep monster to himself if he can't get me for more than 10min.... what the fuck is THAT about?
Time to get to bed... ahhh... see ya lata!


Greg said…
keep on keeping it real girl! I was offline for a bit and thought you'd disappeared from the industry. Glad to see that is not the case, as you are one of the finest out there today!