Hey all you sexy mofo's! So much to talk about.. let me see if I can remember to cover it all. If you are wondering where I have been lately, you can find me on VIRTUAL WORLD dick hunt. Here you can fuck me (virtually ofcourse) but you can mingle with me, chat with me and enjoy the sweet lovin I give without having to even put your clothes on! LOL ... I have enjoyed it.. cum check it out sometime!
I have been seeing Mr Big Dick again... I really wish I could get him to film with me... but for whatever reason he refuses to get on camera. He came by last night and we watched "Notorious" on dvd. I cant help but constantly look at his BIG package down below... and knudged it enough to where we didn't make it to the end before he whipped out his big dick and had me slobbin on his knob full force! I couldn't resist... I miss his fullfilling love making and sensual sex so much that I had to call him over for some goodies! 10" of pure pleasure.. right there on my sofa! At first he said he was kind of leary about fuckin... cuz he has a girlfriend that is so suspicious of his infidelity that she literally smells his dick and clothes for female scents. I always wear Vicky Secrets scented lotions and sprays so she can tell when he sees me. My favorite scents are Love Spell and Vanilla Lace neither of which she wears. But... after a good 5 minutes of my deep throat action he couldn't help but get some of this wet pussy. He bent me over the sofa, grabbed my hair, one hand on my hips and glided on in the pussy real slow. I almost came immediately it felt SO good. Slowly, he penetrated me little by little letting just enough in to tease me and stopping. After 2 solid minutes of teasing I threw my ass all on that dick and took it! He yanked my hair, slapped my ass and had me screaming at the wall for mercy! You took it now you get it... daddy missed that pussy! At first I had a hard time nuttin... for whatever reason it just built up then dropped.. but after he pounded me so hard that I felt it in my chest, I squirted EVERYWHERE! I squirted so bad the carpet was drenched. The front of his shirt was soaked... once I squirted he busted a nut all over my ass. I couldn't believe how hard I came... I was shaking it felt so good. ~Can't wait til next time!

I have been updating PlatinumPlumpas pretty regularly. I forgot to turn in my update Monday, so you will see that on Friday. I am still in need of a female co-star to replace my previous female companion and in search of RELIABLE, BIG DICK, GOOD LOOKING MALE co-star as well. What can I say, good -hard working-reliable talent is hard to find. It would figure now that I have a website designer, graphics artist, professional photographer AND professional videographer on staff that I run into this problem. That's ok - I WILL FIND THEM. If YOU are interested please respond via EMAIL. Please submit your photos, contact information, stats (measurements, etc) and location information. INCLUDE your limits (do's and don'ts) ~ I am ready to hire, and you ready to work?

I've been planning this model bash for a hot minute now. I now have a yahoo group for those who are interested in attending. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ModelBash/ - that's all I am going to say about that.

The tour has come to a minor hault. I will resume my travels once I get things in my personal life into some order. Remodeling has become #1 priority so that I can get that done and over with and out the way. It's been a slow work in progress for too long and it's time to finalize it and be done. Plus, I want my house to be in tip top shape and looking good. I deserve it. All the hard work I put into this and everything I else I do, it's the LEAST I can do for myself. I am also shopping for a new car.. I have FINALLY decided to purchase a new vehicle. The no car note paid off hoopty is retiring once and for all. Yeah... another improvement I deserve. Things are REALLY starting to fall into place. It's incredible how that happens when you remove the ailing trash in your life that seems to take up all your money, time and patience. See the dark hair? That's my new hair do!! Don't you just love it???

Signing off - Kari