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http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lm55dGltZXMuY29tLzIwMDkvMDYvMTMvaGVhbHRoLzEzaGl2Lmh0bWw/dGgmZW1jPXRoThe above link will lead you to the NYC times report that reflects current detection of HIV in an adult industry worker and others who have since then been tested. You know I am going to flex myself on this one because I have said all along that I don't do UNCOVERED shoots unless its someone I personally now AND EVEN THEN - I still put myself at risk of catching anything INCLUDING HIV. So what's the solution? WEAR CONDOMS folks. Testing is not a clearance for exposure to an STD OR HIV. And here is what really pisses me off... just because you get tested doesn't mean that the last person you were with is the person you contracted it from. The sad thing is if you have MULTIPLE partners, and unprotected sex with them - you really don't know WHO gave it to you unless they too test positive themselves. AND even moreso, there are cases where they don't catch the actual STD but simply carry the virus, show no symptoms or outbreak and it remains ghost while being tested. SO - TESTING isn't fail proof. That doesn't mean DON'T get tested, it simply means wrap it up ... because extra sales of videos isn't worth your life. Signing off - Platinum WRAPPED Puzzy