Amateur vs Mainstream

Hey there... coming to you live and direct from South Beach Miami... I am here shooting with BBW Destiny. We are having a blast while getting some work done. HOT ass sets :) I got some emails in the last few days that I thought I would address, first being "Why aren't you featured in any mainstream videos. There are a few reasons, and first being that it just hasn't been meant to be. I have hit up CJ wright, etc. but for whatever reason its never panned out. This is what fuels me to drive harder and leaves me to be available for you. I take this as a sign to stay with my own ideas, control and production. I thrive on staying RAW (no airbrushed images and videos. I like to be in control and this leaves me full control. Mainstream is getting boring with unrealistic scripting and ridiculous scenarios. I personlly want to produce REAL porn in the sense that the everyday guy can relate to. The kind of scenario that is more likely to happen.
Anyways, Im here chillin.. just got off the beach where they served me the most expensive drink Ive ever had to pay for $24.95 for a pina colada. Im mad I paid it but fuck it, when you pay $20 for the chair to lay in, why not go the extra mile and get the drink. So I got in Friday shot with Destiny and we hit the strip runnin into local celebrity. Well not REALLY celebrith, actually busted look alikes. Rick Ross, New York AND her mother, Rhianna, and Fantasia. Come to find out its Alonzo Mourning weekend in Miami. That explains all the fine brothas every where. We stayed @ the Courtyard Marriott right across from Club Madonna. We wanted to take a picture in the chair, but some washed up coke head stripper was sitting in it with her body guard aka club issued security so we tried to be nice. She was bein phony as ever... "Aww big girls can work the pole too... I will let you work it just come in" yada yada... I had on my china doll wig and she says "you know that aint your hair girl, ain't no need to be fake" I nearly lost my mind and swung on her. Instead I decided to take the route that we keep me from going to Miami jail - "Nothing worth paying for in this club" and turned around walked away. We hit up this Pizza joint where they said they wanted $5 per slice. While outside the pizza place buggin off their prices, "Magda" walks by. Somebody's gramma in fishnet, the shirt off the shoulders, etc - PICTURE to soon follow. If this is YOUR gramma please don't let her out @ 3am lookin like that! OMG - funny moment. We the hit up Cheeseburger Baby, where the food was good, but last minute after I was damn near done realized my burger wasn't cooked all the way and I don't eat rare meat. I got food poisoning... and it was NASTY~! that's all I am going to say about that... we went back to the room, and I ended up cancelling the shoot for the morning. We met some friends for lunch @ the best milk shake place in the world, JOHNNY ROCKETS.. I didnt get my food til after everyone else was done but the shakes are off the chain. From there we were supposed to go to this beauty supply store and get some hair so I can do some shnazzy things with my hair, but ended up getting lost and touring Liberty City, Hialeah and Opa Locka instead. INTERESTING. Saturday I didnt do anything... and Sunday vegged @ the beach where I found a store that sells LARGE bathing suit tops that fit WELL. One spot looked at me like they didnt want to sell me a top and the gave me some unfit $51 piece that I was like "bitch please" ~fat girl haterism was in full effect~ I got a lounge chair for $20 and ordered the most expensive drink I explained earlier. Now Im chillin in the lobby of the hotel... and waiting on my ride to the airport to call me so i can get in thru security and head home.
I fucked up... and I apologize. you know who you are if you read this. Im sorry. and off I go folks.