FUCK IT... FUCK ME... just FUCK!

I have been on this new "look" kick for about 2 months now, trying out wigs of different color, hair styles etc. I really like the blondish look which NEWS flash, is my NATURAL hair color! I know, I have dyed it red for so long that I often forget that. It's true... a natural blond. So check that out - onto another topic I would like to share with you avid readers. I WANT TO SHOOT WITH CJWRIGHTXXX and you just don't know how bad!! This is one of my top 3 producers and sites right now... definitely showin love for BBW's. Another producer I can't wait to shoot for is JOSH STONE which is affiliated with Justin Slayer production as far as I know and they are another crew I would like to work with. I have updated the links and banners all over the page so check them out. Shout out to a friend and make up artist DELIGHTFUL EXPRESSIONS who comes HIGHLY recommended!

I have to say this, because I get at least 5 of them a day, IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO ENTER INTO THE BUSINESS be ready to send photos. I am going to ask why you think you are qualified, and PICS are a must. Don't give me no 2000 character email about how hung you are and what you can do. Talk is cheap. I want to see photo proof of your anaconda dick and something better than how you can last all night. Let's be real fellas... you ain't gotta gas me up. Truth always comes to light so just keep it real.

Imma head to bed... its been a long night.