Sunday, July 19, 2009

Headed home... after a great weekend

This weekend was amazing... there were some things that delayed progress like getting my luggage LATE Saturday evening, but overall things went well. Always an adventure.. which keeps it entertaining. Got in LATE Friday night.. almost missed my connecting flight in DC... due to bad weather. Well the luggage didn't get forwarded.. so anyways. We stopped @ Waffle House to get breakfast and watched mad drama unfold in front of us. Waffle House now offers live entertainment LOL Made it to the wedding Saturday, did the photography thing and then headed to the hotel to shoot for Met my GUY there and we got right to business. From there we realized that the guy that delivered my luggage had gone thru my stuff and looked @ my video camera - AND LEFT IT ON. WTF kind of rude ass leaves it on?? Back woods mofo! We didn't get done til 2am where from there we went to Waffle House to get breakfast.. went to sleep and that was about it! ~Had a blast though with the crew of FREAKYFATTYS and missed out getting to shoot with some others that were supposed to come shoot with me... but I had no control over my schedule... NEXT time.. I will be back soon! Muahs...

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