i dyed my hair SUPER red... and got laid!

I dyed the hair DEEP red tonight! Here are some pics so you can check it out - I LOVE IT! I wasn't sure about the color but now that it's in I love it. I have been up all night organizing contacts, getting my updates done, etc... and in the meantime decided it was time to touch up the hair. So it's done - Yeah :)

well I did take a small break for about an hour. My buddy came by and we had a nice time. He got here around 9ish.. brought me some food and some candy. We talked for a few, and he just had to kiss my soft lips. You know that's all it takes to get me started. We fucked on the sofa for a while then made way to the spare bedroom... I rode the hell outta that dick. I squirted all over him so much he thought I pee'd. WHY is that? You guys want us to squirt but when we do you think we are urinating on you? COME ON...so anyways, he flipped me over and made me play with my pussy until I squirted in his mouth... but it wouldn't squirt... I came and he could see it, just couldn't get it to flow out. When I was getting the penetration it was gushing out.. .but now that Im playing with it - it isn't doing it. Ah! He tried to get some ass hole, but I wouldn't let him. You gotta EARN the back hole LOL - maybe if he sticks around or if I can put up with him.. and DATE him I will let him tap that back yard LOL :) Im off to bed... just wanted to share my lil escapade. I got some and you know that made my pussy wet and nasty! :) Your favorite fat fuckable freak ~ Creamy Puzzy