You just don't know how tickled I was to find out that Kelly Shibari will be speaking at the Internext convention Aug 7-9th. You know what this means, I gotta get down to south FL that weekend and attend the convention as well as meet up with one of my all time fave's in the industry. First of all, she is the ONLY BBW Asian chick I have come across, and secondly she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful - thirdly we have a ton in common and she is cool as hell! I love her! :)

This starts CHRONICE ONE:
So I am going to answer some emails in my blog, since I get them quite frequently with similar topics - its easier to answer them all at once and just in case you readers might be thinking the same thing, here YOU go. First question is, "Do you think it's bad if you find out that your man watches porn?" HELL TO THE MUTHA FUCCIN NAH! If anything it can spice up your sex life and add somethin somethin! Well that comes from experience in DOING porn and yeah, maybe somewhat impartial knowing that's what I do... but then again no because I like porn too! I say, WATCH IT WITH HIM if he is comfortable. Start playin with your pussy in front of him and see how that turns out. Believe it or not, some of the best foreplay is done without touching. Try it. Get back to me afterwards. Im dying to know how THIS turns out.

"Why do YOU think men cheat?" This really can't be answered in one scenario, or privy to change based on circumstances but ladies here is MY opinion on the matter. First and foremost, men love sex and variety. You can be the best in bed, the best looking, the best wife, yada yada but men like CHOICES. Does it mean YOU are a bad girlfriend or wife, NO! It simply means that with the raging testosterone in their blood and constant hard on's, they like the chase and feeling of success from the catch. Men are predators, and kill their prey. Don't take this literally, but metaphorically speaking. What PROMPTS a man to act on his instinct to wonder outside the relationship is when his partner makes him feel trapped, enclosed, etc. Jealousy often fuels that fire and the feeling that if you constantly accuse him of it he might as well do it. OFcourse it's not justified, but a way to look at it. Another thing that tends to lead a man astray is constant naggin, bitchin, yada yada. Know what things ARE SIMPLY HABITS that you have to accept. Pick your battles, and choose them wisely. Start using reverse psychology and find that your man will not only be confused, but inclined to enjoy your new open minded outlook and attitude. If not, you might wanna start looking for a new man. ~ Just because you break up doesn't signify you failed, simply reflects that HE was not the one for you~