Ok, there is a secret I must tell...

First of all before I get started on the BIG secret, let me explain the above image. It is being placed on ALL my profiles, because honestly I just get over loaded with emails that are redundant - so this helps you understand my purpose for my profile and what to hopefully eliminate when responding. My time is limited, so this will ensure that I can maintain self managing on emails... and not have to hire someone to do it for me. Having said that, I am SURE it will go unnoticed and ignored, but at least with this I can refer them to THAT and make it all clear.

Now, you want the secret to how I dictate my trip dates and locations. Ok...ok... first of all, if YOU cover my travel expenses OBVIOUSLY that will motivate me to get to your city faster and give you the opportunity to see me. THAT much is pretty obvious. Dates are chosen based on 2 things, obviously my availability AND based on what NFL/NBA games are being played in your city. I love sports fellas... and my trips are planned in the future based on what team is where. I am an Oakland Raiders fan and Los Angeles Lakers, so those get top rating BUT I love to attend games in general. ~RIGHT now I am running a special, if you get me the jersey of YOUR favorite team, I will wear it in a shoot (Photo & Video) you get to choose the theme... and direct it. AND get a months pass to my site. There will be more added to this.. but for now that's what I have working. Anyways, THAT is how I choose my tentative locations/dates.

So far, what I have TENTATIVELY planned:
July 10-12 Miami FL CONFIRMED
July 17-19 Fayetteville CONFIRMED

Aug 7-9 Houston, Tx TENTATIVE
Aug 28-30 ATLANTA, GA TENTATIVE (San Diego @ Atlanta Flacons)
Sept 11-13 SEATTLE, WA TENTATIVE (St Louis @ Seattle Seahawks)
Sept 18-20 KANSAS CITY, MO TENTATIVE (Raiders @ Kansas City)
Oct 2-4 HOUSTON, TX TENTATIVE (Raiders @ Houston)

Other cities I am working in are Los Angeles, Oakland, Philly, DC, Chicago, Vegas and Cleveland. If you want YOUR city put on the map, and wanna $MEET$ me, and/or shoot with me email me platinumpuzzy@gmail.com -

On that note, I am going to get back to work on Friday's update and get packed for MIAMI where I will be shooting with BBW DESTINY and hopefully a new kid coming down to "test" shoot. Wish me well! :)