Vacation anyone?

~First and foremost my apology - I haven't had a chance to blog lately - been SOOOO busy which is a good thing in most cases, but since I vowed to BLOG more often that's NOT good. Sorry :) Ok so now to the good stuff and WOW there is SO much to tell... first of all I have to tell SOMEONE! I have been crusin on my boss @ work. Yeah I have been for about 2 yrs... and we are good friends and I think he is mutually attracted - although he will never pursue it because he is a owner but HOT DAMN every day is tough when I get wet just thinking about it! Ahhhh ... life sucks! LOL - and I MUST remain professional so that situation is a dead horse ALTHOUGH what has happened as a result is a fling with a co-worker~! Yeah your naughty lil phat ass has taken a little adventure at work that started very innocently. Kid asked me to lunch and we became lunch partners. Now we hang out after work, etc... but one day we just kissed and then you know I had to get his dick in my mouth. From there we ended up fuckin in his car during lunch and must I say he HAS STAMINA! Since then, we sneak off to the back of the building that no one goes to and there is an empty office back there. We almost got caught by night clean up crew... :) That was so exciting and such a turn on to almost get caught! The only thing is I have a fan in H-town that I take care of frequently regardless of where I am ... he calls and I help him "get off" and ol' boy @ work happened to be in the car one day when he called and I got him off. THAT made him hella jealous - but so what. That's what I do - take care of my guys! SO .. fuck it. BE mad. lol

I leave for Fayetteville, NC July 17-19th. THEN again in Sept 4-6th I will be at the car show in Lumberton, NC @ the Robeson County Fairgrounds. I will be promoting my sites, BBW modeling, etc and looking to shoot with some kids with tricked out rides. So far I have Carmyell from DC coming with me, and looking to recruit other ladies to shoot after the car show with me at the hotel or other "areas" in town. This is gonna be a blast! Cars, guys, ladies, video cameras and shoots... I can't wait!! More details to follow soon!

So far it's been said that my ticket has been purchased for Houston, TX July 24-26th and allegedly staying at the Hotel ZaZa in the museum district. I will be looking for models to shoot with for both photos & video, photographers with different styles of photography and seeing select clients who secure their appointments with a deposit. *Ofcourse appts will be made around my shoot schedule unless you want to be there at a live shoot - email me for details*

I never thought of it like this, but I lead a double life like a super hero. WOW - this is exhausting! LOL
Gotta get to the OTHER life now... catch you later sexies!