I find that every couple of weeks or so I get TONS of questions asking this question "WHY AM I SINGLE?" And I've decided ONCE again to update my current reason for single status. Right now, I am simply overwhelmed with business between my family/personal life/day job and then my internet sites/modeling/production company/traveling etc. I would LIKE to have someone to "be" with on a regular, and sometimes I have a little side kick but would much prefer that ONE that I come home to. Unfortunately this XxX status makes it hard for guys to be trusting of me... or they think they can tell me what to do. Sorry fellas, I am head strong and I do what I do REGARDLESS. So if you step to me with that whack ass shit, Imma shoot you down :) Right now I am just not in a position to give myself to someone. If it happens then so be it... but to openly be on the search or hunt - nah. I ENJOY what I do believe it or not. There are times that cross our paths and shit happens... if THAT be the case then I will deal with it then. BUT ... as for now - Kari has to think of Kari *and her loyal fans*

Which leads me to the new Platinum Puzzy Productions will feature my future projects and shoots, FOR HIRE - work out there for industry talent (male and female), industry events, etc. We will network within the adult xxx industry to provide a corporate environment for amatuer models/video producers with the high quality product, without the fake scripted material mainstream offers. Get ready, cuz this is going to take off... and you will regret not ridin this train! LOL :)

Gotta get my updates ready - check em out on PLATINUM PLUMPAS