Here I am :)

Simply overwhelmed starts describing what's been going on with me. I finally quit my day job.. for several reasons. First and foremost, my boss was a complete dick head and asshole. HIS opinion was the only one that mattered and I refuse to kiss ass. Aside from that, I was having a huge problem trying to travel on the weekends, so leaving opened my availibility for travel. So after my last posting I took a mini vacation in Pensacola FL, where I incidentally ended up at the Bushwacker Festival. It's named after a drink that has Kahlua, liquor 151 and rum.. plus some other goodies. It's a frozen drink and definitely one of my new faves! We were at a club on the beach called "Captain Fun" ... and Coolio was there performing live for an hour before we realized we were at his concert! Lmao - talk about funny... so we got tipsy, chilled out and then headed home. Next day we vegged @ the beach where you have drinks and bars right there. Floated in the water for a couple of hours, sipped on our bevies and then hit the road to Landry's Steak and Seafood. AWESOME food! MMmm, sun baked we drove home 5 hours... and that my friend is all I gotta say about that.
I am now a free agent and NO longer working! Yeah... well at that damn day job that is. Long story short bossman is an asshole and it was time to dip out. The company is folding fast... so eventually I was going to be "let go" - now I just have more time to travel - YEAH!
Today was SUPER busy. I talked with Jonny Slim of Brazen Boys Ent who I would LOVE to do some work with. So far doesn't look like they have any BBW's on the site, so my fat ass will DEFINITELY be an addition IF they choose to use the footage. We discussed several up and coming projects and I was flattered that they even considered working with me at all. Jonny Slim is the SHIZNIZZLE no doubt. He also hooked me up with this cat "Mr Goodbar" who hosts a popular show called "The Freak Squad" ... tune in and check it out! It's definitely hot!
Jersey Garcia hit me up and expressed interest in working with me via Camilly Ent also known as Black Amateur Freaks - the owner of Camilly Ent had wanted to work with me before.. and now interested once again. Another project I would like to fullfill!

This weekend I will be in Ft Lauderdale for Internext-Expo! Kelly Shibari has a seminar @ 10am on Saturday. I can't wait to meet her tomorrow and start shooting for the sites! She is a smoking hot lady! I am SO excited!

Well folks, I gotta pack and get to bed! Later............
But before I do I have to call out this PUSSY ass mofo down in South Florida who has been tryin to holla @ me for the longest. Today shit hit the fan, he gonna claim I aint ready for no man cuz of my popularity in the industry etc. Basically he a little bitch, and require TOO much time. Needless to say, I was just like whateva fella.. kick rocks. HE wanted to go on and on with a text war and call me names... sayin be safe and don't catch nothin. That struck a nerve cuz porn stars are tested regularly FAR more than the average person - and we are MORE likely to have PROTECTED sex. So ... he kept on... I'm a fat nasty whore.. etc etc. Funny how bitches act when they DON'T get the pussy. ~Hate my success lil bitch. I will be looking down from the top. And that ends this post.