leaving DC :( headed to NYC

Hey there... coming to you live and direct from Washington DC! I FINALLY got to shoot with CARMYELL of Club Carmyell and King Entertainment. I have to say that this by far was one of the BEST shoot experiences EVER in my career. Not only did she and I have a connection from years of talking and just really relating on a lot of issues, but the King of King Ent. was a joy to meet and speak with. I know he was shocked to find out how very much a business minded woman I am, but to see me work creatively behind the camera as well certainly gained a new found respect MOST people don't see nor appreciate. That meant more to me than my performance on camera honestly. Anyone can suck a dick... but being respected in the industry as an intelligent business woman is RARE. Anyways, the shoot was a huge success and tons of fun. The footage is bangin! I can't wait to get the site launched with all this new content! Definitely gonna be sweet! King Entertainment took REAL good care of me by the way, gave me a toy to take with me and try out, a soft pink bath robe, a gift bag with a bunch of goodies. I felt like a super star with all the goodies! Definitely A PLUS treatment from them.
I took the DC tours last night with my special friend. DC @ night is beautiful, unfortunately my camera is not quite equipped to catch its beauty. My pics came out mostly dark... so it really lost its glamour :( It was nice seeing DC although I would really like to come back and see it again in day light. NEXT time I am sure... and I will be staying closer in the city also lol. Behind the scenes footage coming to YOUTUBE soon! Dont forget to add me on TWITTER @platinumpuzzy OR twitter.com/platinumpuzzy!!!!

Got up this morning, Im not ready to go... but NYC is waiting on me! :) I had a blast this time in DC... thanks to all those who made that possible!

Muahs - Kari