Oh what a night!

Got into the hotel.. first "friend" to see me was just an older gentleman who wanted some affection. Fell in love with me :) And really enjoyed the very uneventful experience. Now THAT'S what makes this so worth it. Then came Mr HOTTIE! I felt like I should toss some cash his way with his smokin hot WHITE (*yeah I said WHITE) body and huge ass dick!... he fucked me SO good too! Mmmm tore this up and then left. Lastly came my fetish guy.. Kinda urked me cuz he really took my kindness for my weakness and I had to ask him to leave. He did take me for steak dinner.. but damn.. thought he was a nice guy but seemed he thought he was staying the night (uh no) ... so anyways that's all to report for now!


DJM said…
Sounds like you had a great evening/day.