New Radio show w/Radio Dentata

Starting Friday, October 2, 2009 8:30am's will be the "Pure Platinum Show - No Press Pass Needed" If you've tuned into a Platinum Puzzy radio show in the past, then you know that anything goes and taboos are for Sade songs. Topics from the Plus Size community to adult industry events and behind the scenes secrets, footage and interviews only begin the adventure with this raw radio entertainment. When you want a variety of music, radio on the road and an hour of unleashed loose lips, tbis is the show for you!

I have the pleasure of attending Exxxotica NY Sept 25-27th in Edison NJ where I will be covering the show in many different aspects. From talent sitings, interviews and occasional photo opp's with porn's biggest stars to true behind the scenes coverage of porn shoots. Exxxotica has a variety of B2B *business 2 business* seminars this year, as well as seminars designed to educate, entertain and reach out to the fans. If you are trying to Create a Successful Adult Website, freshen up on Legal Issues of Starting and Growing an Adult Entertainment Business, to Creating Successful Amateur Porn - these seminars will prove to be quite informative as well as entertaining I am sure. Exxxotica, which is hosted by Victory Tradeshow Management Group and presented by Hot Movies, has a reputation for combining the exotic fun of the adult porn industry with creative business networking amongst the industries largest and most successful companies.

Aside from that, I have been re-cooperating from a killer stomach virus that forced me to resort to chicken broth. Ugh, I love to eat... and being ill like that you can't eat what you want. So needless to say I'm HUNGRY! I am disappointed because I had a trip planned this weekend and obviously didn't make it because I didn't want to risk my company getting sick as well. I hope that's not spoiled... Haven't gotten much work done, as I've been sleeping alot. Things will get back together here real soon. I have a ton of videos to edit, and photos to get ready for the updates. I did manage to get a new promo

tell me what you think about that.... I am hoping that Richard Mann makes his way to Exxxotica so we can start shooting for my new project I am working on. He has a new dvd scheduled to release Sept 14 on Black Market Video. Definitely some MILF action you wanna catch!

That's going to wrap up my post for today. Catch you soon!