Off the map for recovery and preperation for Exxxotica

It's drawing near that time when I have to head my ass back to the airport and spend the next few weeks traveling and filming... doing what has to be done. I say that like it's not fun when sometimes it can be more fun than you know! I try to capture as much as I can on film.. bloopers, behind the scenes and basic moments that take place while "working" LOL I have alot on my plate with preperation for Exxxotica but also with my new show "Pure Platinum - No Press Pass Needed" on Radio Dentata starting Oct 2. From coverage of the adult entertainment events, to interviews with the stars, advocacy for a Fat Friendly nation to a comedic spin on Hollywood news. You ask what kind of music will I play? Well, that really is a hard question to answer since I plan to mix it up... from debuting the fresh new hits and releases to old school hip hop which is my definite specialty and even throwing in some underground break throughs of some fresh meat trying to get a lil exposure. So definitely be ready for the launch of a new era and radio sensation.

Aside from that, getting down the REAL facts... whats REALLY going on with me.. and this is where it gets really personal... I have been to the doctor as a result of having been sick for the last couple of weeks. Ofcourse it started out just a stomach virus which has been circulating all over the country for the last month.. after battling with that and final conquer I realized there were other things going on non related to the stomach sickness which lead me straight to the doctor. Turns out I am experiencing a female condition basically dealing with ovarian cysts. Nothing contagious or sexually transmitted! Make sure that's in big bold letters so there is NO misconception. The problem is that it's appeared to have either burst or is leaking toxins in my body. Hence, the lengthened recovery time and constant battle with emotions, energy, etc. Fortunately, with surgery this can be resolved quickly and with minimal pain. Unfortunately, sex is painful. So you know what that means... ugh! Do you THINK that's going to stop me? Ofcourse not. I will bare through excrutiating torture and get done what must be done like a big girl is supposed to. I did take a chance at filming with my regular boy toy and the new video is being updated on MY VIDEO SITE ...still taking it like a champ! The new updates for CANDIS are up as well so definitely check those out! If you JOIN this week you will get a FREE copy of the new video "Puzzy Built For Black Cock Series - #1 Raw Ruff n Rowdy" available at the VIDEO store.

Will be adding fresh new content for the fetish sites: Fatty Fetishes specializing in Fatty Domination, Fatty Feet bringing you the best in fat foot fun, and ofcourse for those who have a taste for the freaky stuff Fatty Farts with the plumpest pretty rump online! There is literally something for everyone! And that my friends will be all for now but not forever! Stay tuned!