Desiree Devine, the devine puzzy tour starts NOW..

First and foremost fuck the haters. Motivation is a bitch, and you tend to hate those who manage to find it in the oddest places or inspired by people you lease expect. Now that we have it, that's Desiree Devine and I.. .it's a matter of maintaining that determination to succeed above and beyond expectations and to blossom with the success that stands only feet away from us. I had been talkin with her on the phone the past few weeks, tweeting it up on Twitter and had always had the desire to work with her at some point in my career... and now we have met FINALLY. What we found was that we have alot in common, and that we are HIGHLY misunderstood individuals. That's ok, those who try to understand us don't have any understanding of themselves and really no business attempting to scrutinize nor judge. The Devine Puzzy tour will start in Los Angeles and lead us all over the states, where we will be shooting tons of UNIQUE content for our sites, as well as sexy cam shows and ofcourse doin what it do! Check her out in this HOT video -

So we are getting the details together for our tour - again as soon as we know we shall report it! I am real excited!