So much to say... wow

This is going to be totally out of order, because I have to discuss the issues that are at the top of my head first... then I hit the things I have missed over the last few weeks.

First, I posted a blog on a site tonight as a "newbie" to the site offering advise to providers who complain about negative ratings and reviews. WOW, is all that could come out of my mouth initially. Talk about some feisty rants and ridiculous raves.. needless to say they attacked me read HERE to see what I wrote and read the comments posted to me. Ugh should have saw it coming but apparently I had my eyes closed! Ha...

Next, I am on tour with Desiree Devine down here in southern California and in the couple of weeks we have certainly hit a few road blocks already. Sunday night her car got broken into here at the Hotel Indigo. Luckily they only took her GPS system, but totally busted out the driver side window which was expensive to fix. An emotional day to say the least. The staff here was very supportive and continue to take great care of us so we certainly don't fault that of the hotel staff at all. Matter of fact, WE LOVE IT HERE. The rooms are beyond beautiful, the staff is accommodating at best, the food excellent and we have nothing negative to say about them at all. As for the shameless criminals, they can burn!

Let me start back in NYC where I attended Madame Trixie's Fucc'd Up Friday event in Harlem that went down on Oct 2. It was my first time meeting Madame Trixie and I must say I was every so excited to do so. We hit it off by phone, and even more so in person. She looked out for me like family and took the best care of me. I love her and if you are in the NYC area, hit up the email and get your VIP invite to the best celebration on the east! I hated to leave NYC, but met me a real nice guy "L" is what we will call him... refreshing to say the least. My first time out of JFK, and damn I wish I had money to shop... HELLA nice airport. :)

What a long flight to LAX, 6hrs DIRECT and non stop. Got into some chilly weather which I am totally unprepared for as I packed for summer weather not realizing I wasn't going to be home for a while. Duh Kari, not the smartest thing I have done. But seeing my cousin who picked me up and "K" was so cool! I missed him and she was hella cool. I am home again. WOW... missed you Cali. The next day woke up to go to a party with friends and family. A huge bbq with karaoke... yeah I sang my heart out and ass off! LOL Blew a couple of notes out the park and broke some glass! Had a blast, ate well and enjoyed my family! Yay :)

Met up with Desiree Devine couple of days later, where we met in the valley. Really have TOO much in common its scary. Went to a shoot for Sensational Video where she shot with Seth Dickens who starred with Samantha 38G a few times. Interesting, met up with Elly who was the make up artist and the camera guy "J"... also ran into a couple of other industry girls but don't remember their names (oops) lol. "J" took some shots for me to submit *although I have yet to do so... waiting to get my medical stuff cleared first with my surgery*... fun times.

Headed to Ontario, CA where we first came to the hotel we love so much. Met my admirer "D" for the first time which was cool as hell... we had a blast to say the least! Found the most clean, great staffed and fat friendly Denny's of all times. Yah, I said DENNY's. We were shocked too. I finally met long time phone friend Jonny T. Definitely nice to take it off the phone and meet in person where he gave me the BEST rub down I have had in a long time. Such an awesome friend, I love him :) Veteran to porn Lasha Lane came by and hung out for a while. Interesting individual, I loved her too!! :) DD and I hit the bar where we were treated to drinks by 2 gentleman from Scotland and London - now THAT was fun! Ran into a great couple with some very interesting conversation.. they are "Hot AiR Balloon Pilots" of unique shapes. They invited us out to their studio in Idaho during our travels, turns out he is also a photographer!

Desiree accompanied me on an emotional PERSONAL adventure that was quite a trek for me, seeing my dad after alot of painful memories and years of personal torture. I decided that it was time to let go of all the pain, and accept him for who he is. He is doing the same for me now, so why keep holding on to pain and hurt when all it does is relive itself. True happiness is gained when you let go of the pain, the lies, the rumors, the regrets, the hurt and the total weight of expecting more from someone than you yourself can provide. We had a blast, and with her there it was odd having someone admire MY situation with my family. Met his fiance who really impressed me. Awesome lady she is. They do well together. Thanks Desiree for being there for me during a rough time and when I needed support. I will forever remember that and appreciate you.

It was tough leaving Ontario to go back to LAX, where we made it to the NOT so friendly Crowne Plaza. Paid for shitty internet, parking and a room that was worse than solitary confinement. So much for higher standards. We did meet Bodacious Sparks who we thoroughly enjoyed as well as her friend and companion. FUN TIMES.

Then there was the encounter with the foot long phantom. Yah, we got our pussies beat down, ripped apart and mine squirted like a niagra falls from his crazy huge cock and pounding. He tried to get my asshole, but that wasn't happening! Pain? Hell yah, and during my time ofBut we ended LA with a trip to a cool ass nail shop that DD usually goes to where I watched the bitchiest people complain about any and everything. Get a life folks... ah.

We came back to Ontario where we get treated well, meet nicer people and enjoy ourselves so much more. Encountered an annoying kid that bragged about all his money. We weren't impressed rather totally irritated and couldn't wait to shake him loose.

And that my friends, pretty much covers the basis of the last couple of weeks. I absolutely adore Desiree and we are getting along rather well. Contrary to things that were told to me, and I have yet to repeat (although I was wrongly accused of doing so) ... I have learned that they were wrong about her. Then again, they are wrong about me too but who really gives a shit? I have kept it classy and not repeated things that were told to me in private, even after getting the disturbing text messages and emails I have kept my lip zipped. It's been hard, but right thing to do. I refuse to stoop to the level of my accusers. I just keep pushin, put that shit behind me and do me on our TOUR: NATIONAL TRAMPOON HOE ADVENTURE! Website coming soon where you can follow our route, see pics we take along the way and videos of our adventure.