Stand for something, or fall for anything

I'm sitting here in San Fracisco aka the Bay area with my travel companion Desiree Devine. We are currently watching "MILK" which stars Sean Penn. It's a movie that focus on Harvey Milk's success in changing San Francisco into the "Gay" accepted community it is today. It's a moving story about how the fight for acceptance regardless of size, race or sexual orientation is not really a war meant to be won, but to be noticed. I certainly can relate. I have fought my entire life to be accepted as a plus size teen/adult, dating outside my race, and entering into an industry that gets alot of criticism. Could I be any more of a black sheep? I no longer fight within myself to be "accepted" but have accepted myself for who I am. That has in turn created my "fuck it" attitude that basically entails "ACCEPT ME OR FUCK OFF" I am fat, yea - SO WHAT!

We made it to the Bay Area Thursday evening where we settled into the Radisson hotel and what we thought would be comfy beds. Ha, sleep number my ass THEY SUCK~ haven't slept well since being here. But that isn't stopping us! We are still doing our cam shows where you can get yours via PAYPAL and view on yahoo messenger. If interested, email me and we can see what's poppin! We have done some videos which samples will be coming soon and a video blog which is posted BELOW. We have alot to say and dammit we are talking!