Sunny days in California - Im home again

There's nothing like a 6hr red eye flight direct from NYC to LA to give you nothing but time to think and place things into perspective. I have been plagued with a "bait" to come out and prove myself as being a vicious and vindictive person. I am going to keep it classy, and just stay focused on the things I need to be doing instead of lashing back at the immature, unprofessional and unnecessary "battle of the words." You can CLAIM many things, but all I can do is prove them wrong. End of THAT story.

I have made it to sunny California aka HOME, and WOW... I am surrounded by family that has really opened their arms to me after years of shutting me out because of my choice to date outside my race. Not many know this about me, but it has been something I have battled for a long time - unconditional love from something I cherish most and that is family. So I am here, enjoying the time I have had meeting new editions, reminiscing and just showing them that there is more to me than just "who I choose to date." This kind of goes in conjunction with my above entry about being the villain where in these situations where the rumor and the pre-conceived opinion of who I am is proven wrong when the chance to TRULY get to know me is taken. My kind heart, desire to help others, amongst many other good qualities are seen and simply over-ride what you thought or heard. Yeah, I have bad habits and FAR from perfection, but that's part of being human. Over all, I just treat others the way I would want to be treated.

So I have linked up with some other industry females who really seem motivated to get out there and get on board of a plan that could seriously make us great money, get very good exposure and definitely have a good time. The tour will expand to many other cities as we have decided to take this to the road vs. through the air. This opens up many options, and allows MANY more opportunities. I am totally excited.

Before I left NYC I was privileged to attend "Fucc'd Up Friday" hosted by the lovely ladies Madame Trixie and Madi - and ofcourse the DJ was the all famous Bk Pipe Star! Had a blast and totally enjoyed Ms Trixie and Madi. They loved me and has accepted me into the family. A true honor! Ofcourse this goes back to what I was saying about those who take time to TRULY get to know me and meet me - I have a good spirit :)

Tomorrow I meet up with Ms Desiree Devine and discuss the details of our tour and as soon as we figure it out I will certainly blog about it. Ryen Ryder also wants to join... so we will meet with her in Vegas.. :) More to come!