Why I love Halloween so much`

This is going to be a deep conversation... lol because I think the things that matter and don't matter in life is based on how much POWER YOU GIVE IT. For example, curse words, the N word, FAT word they are JUST words but because people make them so powerful by condemning them... its amazing the damage people them cause. I feel the same way about Halloween. Everyone has a theory about where it derived and how it's evil. Well it MAY be true but HOW you celebrate it is what makes it what it is. If you go out and kill goats for sacrificing and use the blood for pentagrams.. ok I don't necessarily agree with that but the whole idea of dressing up, HAVING FUN and getting a laugh out of the creativity of folks costumes can't be wrong. So that's my take on it. I am ALL about laughing and having a good time. So I dressed as a cop lady... what do YOU think?