----Peek a boo!----

Yah... I know what you are thinking... well maybe I don't but for sure you want to know why my blog has suffered a 3 month no-entry situation? Well, once Desiree Devine and I returned to the east coast for the holidays... alot happened with my personal life so I had to take some time off. Needless to say, the new year brought me back right here to you and as you see there are new updates on the sites. I have a ton of content... HD vids that I can't edit because I don't have the software :( Aside from that, I have videos on DVD's that I need to extract the fils off of... and don't have a clue how to do that - or the program to that either. LOL Complications. Nothing your girl can't handle. Give me some time, all this will work itself out. In the meantime, the new tour schedule is being drawn up and as soon as it's ready I will post it. You can still find me on yahoo: platinumpuzzycam and don't forget to join my fan club for all the latest news... looking for ONE PRICE photo/video updates? CLICK HERE - want to choose a video with no membership obligations? CLICK HERE

As to my personal life, that's a huge mess... nothing I can report at the moment. BIRTHDAY is coming soon! Wanna get me something special? You can check the side panel for some buttons and links to gift card purchases, wishlists and/or paypal/moneygram options. I appreciate any gifts, and you get a little free gift in return!

More to CUM real soon! :) Muahs! Don't forget to interact with me by adding me on your Facebook Twitter Myspace Rude Adultspace Xpeeps