Oh my Oh my!

So valentines day was amazing. Desiree Devine and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday pampering ourselves and enjoying each other's company. With new hair, beautiful nails and smooth sexy feet... we were well on our way to a happy new refreshed life. Ofcourse, this inspired tour 2010 to kick off sooner than we planned. We packed up and headed to Miami although we ran into some minor complications along the way. Car trouble stopped us early in Orlando, but it was definitely worth while. We shot some HOT pix (as seen above) which will be updated on our sites this week. Orlando hotel was real nice.. location seemed to work real well and right by our favorite restaurant IHOP. Our adventures were minimal, but always fun :)

Then it's on to next one. We chose Tampa since the reason we were headed down to Miami in such a hurry is to shoot with Jonny Slim who has since flown the coop to other endeavors and I am sure we will catch up with him later. In Tampa there is BBW Destiny who I've been friends with for a long time and love shooting with her. We got in Saturday, to the nastiest most disgusting hotel I have ever seen. Rodeway Inn right across from Busch Gardens is the rudest, just out right filthy establishment I've encountered. We did it so that we could go to Club Biggie Nights and be able to drink without driving so we are big supporters of the STOP DRINKING So we sucked it up, stayed at the roach NO tell (no telling wtf has been in these places) - so we get ready, meet Destiny and Desire for dinner and head to Olive Garden. Unfortunately, its packed and the wait is too long so we head to Sonny's BBQ. Yum yum... good choice! Off to the club, we get there and find a parking lot FULL of disrespectful UN-home-trained teens out there making a scene about the "FAT GIRLS"... the owner came out and personally asked us to stay, guaranteed the tweens would be leaving soon and weren't in the same room with us so we stayed. We entered the room, and naturally being new to an environment the girls checked us out.... glaring in curiosity but then again so did the men. I know, we demand attention and we get it. But... we weren't there for that.... just to have a good time. Desiree sipped on the infamous Adios Motha Fucka (the blue long island) and I had Hennessy and coke, danced all night and ended up meeting a ton of great new people. Our party ended up expanding with a cool chick who was solo saw our "energy" and came and hung out with us. Ofcourse there were some idiots that we encountered.. but nobody worth mentioning.

We went back to the room after a long night of partying... and passed out. Couldn't get out fast enough so we headed towards the new destination still in Tampa but a nicer venue. We had no idea what was in store, but when we arrived... much to our surprise we had found our paradise once again. The place is amazing, serene, tropical, and breath taking. We got into our suite, and immediately felt at home. We damn crashed right away, still needing a lil rest from our long night out. We woke up just in time for our Sunday shows - Desperate Housewives and Brothers n Sisters. The rest is history. Time to map out the rest of our trip... as we have some filming down in Miami and ofcourse need to start heading up north for the Content Party in Syracuse, NY March 19-21. If you are interested in meeting up with us ... more info will follow soon. Til then, ciao!