Putting things into Perspective

Alot of you have asked me how Desiree Devine and I managed to hook up. I have decided that there are some things that you should know about Desiree that obviously not too many people know. I almost didn't have the priviledge to meet her, due to interference from someone I USED to highly respect giving me what turned out to be VERY bad information. Accusations of heavy drug use, drama, etc. I hope that person's eyes have the opporuntity to read this and realize that they were not only wrong, but truly need to check themselves as the true drama queen in this scenario for spreading HORRIBLE lies. Enough about them and they know who they are without calling out names.

I always thought Desiree was beautiful, charismatic and curious to meet her and work with her. After hearing such terrible things, my curiosity spiraled into sheer determination to meet and find out the true story behind the person Desiree Devine. I tweeter her, and surprisingly she wrote back to me. Ofcourse once this activity was witnessed by the "trash talker" drama was soon to unfold. Needless to say, I made to California regardless of this person's (trash talker) decision to back out of working with me. I met up with Desiree and as we talked, we decided that a tour was definitely some thing the both of us would enjoy and profit from. It was an immediate connection, as we had alot in common but yet so many differences. We managed to make it work.

We met in October and have been unseperated since then. I can honestly tell you I am TRULY blessed to have met her, bonded with her, and invited her to be a part of my family both in and out the industry. Thank God I have a mind of my own not to trust these industry drama queens from working with or meeting anyone. I found my best friend, my companion, my sister, and ultimately someone that has sacrificed her own to make sure that me and my family don't ever go without. Her heart, is bigger than her belly :) LOL and her love is irreplacable. I have grown to love her deeply as a VERY close friend.

So there you have it folks. The real deal on what some label a heart of steel. That is total fabrication. Eat that one... and choke on it. :)


I am so glad that you didn't let hearsay and BS from so many drama infested people ruin any chance for a friendship. I know that in your industry, trust is a rare commodity; friendship even more so. You two take care of each other and mash on those haters as I know you two can do it.
Desiree Devine said…
Aww... I'm so blessed to have a friend like you as well. I love you dearly. <3