Why stay in amatuer entertainment?

I have thought about this question alot. Matter of fact, depending on what time of my life you ask me the question is likely to have a different answer. One thing doesn't change, my need to stay on the "average person" level. I think one of the things about me that my fans like (and you are MORE than welcome to chime in and agree or disagree) is that I relate to the AVERAGE person. I talk, chat, email, text and pretty much chill with MOST. Ok, I've had to say a few times "I don't do the texting thing, or "I can't give my number out" or maybe apprehensive about the whole chatting thing, but for the most part you can hit me up and find I will entertain a normal conversation. I am just an average lady who lives in Florida and maintains a generally "normal" lifestyle.

Mainstream is HIGHLY over-rated and if you take the time to read their blogs or their tweets, you will find a shallow, self absorbed person who has exceeded to a level that no longer appreciates the fans that got 'em to that status. I have unfollowed and totally lost interest in a lot of mainstream talent due to straight up "NASTY" attitudes. Some of these chicks need to stay away from social media all together if they don't want to expose themselves as the fakes that they are. They brag about everything they have, the prada purse, the gucci wallet - yada yada - that YOU the fans paid for, but when you send them a tweet you see something like this show up on their timeline: "fukn losers need to get off my dck"

Now I am not going to say any names, or bash anyone... but come on. I buy porn myself and I too, am a fan of many performers. But ATTITUDE will cost you fans if you act like your farts don't stink and your shit don't flush. I guess when you get to a certain point that you are a "bad bitch" you don't feel like you need to be personable or have a decent attitude. I don't agree with that, at all. I can attest to times I've had to show my ass and tell a few people off as this business can have it's days where some of the people you come in contact with will bug you, and really try your patience... but the majority of the time I am cordial, inviting, professional and friendly.

Another reason I don't do mainstream, is because I like to KEEP my content and choose who and what I shoot. When you go to a shoot for a company, you take NOTHING back with you. Yes, you get paid for the scene, however the footage is kept by the company who shot it and they own it. You get lined up to shoot with someone you have usually never met, and in some cases don't even like. I mean, a true entertainer does their business regardless of the situation... at least a professional. But I like to create a TRUE work of art, based on the real chemistry that can't be faked. MOST of porn is fake, but what if it doesn't have to be? Just a food for thought and you all know I love to eat!

Don't take this the wrong way, I would LOVE to shoot with some of the companies that produce BBW entertainment. I have NOTHING wrong with it. I am simply expressing my views on my own career and why in 5yrs I don't appear in a long list of dvd's. Simply my preference and circumstances. If you take notice, to the right of my blog is a list of companies I would love to perform for and/or with.. unfortunately for one reason or another it just hasn't worked out. That's ok with me, and it certainly won't stop me from pursuing my dreams and goals I have set for myself and this business venture. I truly enjoy what I do and as with any job you have situations, people and things you don't like - this is no different.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome industry people, and remain personal friends with alot of those same people. Unfortunately not all relationships have survived and meetings with some of the industry talent have been less than desirable. One thing I have learned, persistance beats resistance and I will keep pushing. I have big ideas, and plans for this - so definitely stay tuned. Much love to all :)~