So today I had the pleasure of watching Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" and found a problem with the way that movies, tv shows, etc represent women of size or really just women in general as needing a man to be happy. I understand that there are alot of women out there that feel they need a man to complete them. I realize that alot of women feel that a man is the missing piece of happiness. BUT NOT ALL WOMEN fall into this category. I want to see a woman who is shown as being perfectly happy, secure, confident, FAT, and complete. That's really me. I do have people in my life that help make me who I am, like Desiree Devine who has become my "pseudo lesbian" companion. The people in my life are there because I want them there. BUT... I have no man and I am perfectly happy. I crave having someone around from time to time, that's normal but thinking that if I don't have a man I won't be complete is insane to me. I just thought I would throw that random thought out there! LOL

Now onto new developments with me and my tour - and although we have spent ALOT of time soaking up the sun in Florida, alot longer than we anticipated.. we are now getting back on the pavement. We have learned to take things one day at a time. AND that ATTEMPTING to go some where and shoot with people isn't enough. We had FULL intentions of getting up to upstate NY to attend a content party, however due to unforeseen and crazy weather conditions we chose not to.

GOOD NEWS! My scene I shot for Plumper Pass is up on the site!! Check it out!! I am SO excited because working with D Sanchez was definitely alot of fun... Mark Anthony was smoking hot and great to work with~! A true professional... and OFCOURSE Desiree Devine is the absolute best, but you knew that!

Did alot of shooting with Destiny BBW the last few weeks. We have decided to get a house down in Tampa and the FAT-astic 4 will be in FULL effect! This is definitely going to be some HOT fun and totally fatty heaven! Definitely stay tuned for the result of our adventures! We really need a reality show - serious.

Advice if you are trying to get into porn:
I get totally overwhelmed with emails, myspace messages, twitter request to "get a shot in a video" with me. Now being that I am friends with alot of people in the industry, I have found that this is quite common for most of us. So here is how we will address the situation as diplomatically as possible, informative as allowed, and with little room for questions. I try to answer ALL my own messages myself, however it can be quite tidious and time consuming - and in these cases, VERY frustrating when you try to answer and still get someone being an asshole about it. The end result is they always say "I knew you were just like those other industry bitches being stuck up and all" --- really? So let's eliminate that!

First and foremost, BE AT LEAST 18yrs of age (21 in certain states) when you contact a model or someone in the industry!

Have NO expectations. Bare in mind that we get a ton of messages a day from all different social sites and alot of us TRY to respond to all of them as quickly as possible.

Keep your messages SHORT and SIMPLE. Long drawn out messages usually don't get read. Honestly, it's just a lot of useless information we won't remember if and when we talk to you anyways.

As models, producers, etc we strive to provide the best in talent, high quality footage and content that is pleasing to our viewers. It is our intent to find someone who we have an established relationship with, and or someone who is already industry and know for the ability to perform. Let's face it PERFORMANCE is everything and being in front of a camera is NOT the same as having flings, sexual encounters and orgy's on the outside. You can be a casanova in your bedroom, but once the lights, cameras and additional bodies watching your every move is initiated, the mood is lost and you are caught in a position of being "fluffed forever" with no result. It happens to the best. Test shoots are designed for this situation. I personally, wish to have a private session (compensated ofcourse) with you and determine if we have a connection that could possibly lead to some hot & steamy scenes. Our private session allows us time to get to know each other, establish comfort and enjoy each other BEFORE going into a scene. If nothing comes of it, I haven't wasted my time and money. Why compensated? Well, many of times I have set up test shoots at my own expense - and the end result was "I got to tap it.." and they request that the footage not be used. I am sure you can imagine the rest from there. VERY frustrating ESPECIALLY when you went out of your way and travelled to do so.

Hygiene is a MUST. That's self explanatory. Be freshly shaved unless otherwise requested. Advise whether you are circumsized or not.

SHOW UP - both literally and figuratively. Time is not something that should be wasted, and being early helps eliminate any problems that the producer may be experiencing.

Get tested. Whether it's required or not, for your own health and knowledge - get tested. Safety is not something that should be compromised AT ANY TIME. Condoms are good, but they aren't 100% fail proof so do yourself and the people you come in sexual contact with a favor. Visit TALENT TESTING or AIM center for a current test.

Understand that the content is more than likely EXCLUSIVE to the producer who films it which means you don't get a copy for your personal stash or for resale. Often a producer will give you a password to the site so that you can see the finished product and interact with fans however, it isn't required. Whether paid for the scene or not, rightful ownership is that of the production company.

Be prepared with a VALID form of photo i.d. at the time of your shoot. Prior to shooting, you will be required to sign release forms stating your proof of age, that you are consensual to the scene expectations and that you understand that the footage produced is owned by the producer.

That sums it up for me today :) Ciao!