Dedication, the price we pay

Me getting ready for a shoot
San Diego California
Align Center Me, TheMissSparks & Desiree Devine at Roscoes Chicken & Waffle
Cher Rue's Spring Fling April 22, 2010 Hollywood, CA
BODacious Star Walk Hollywood, FL with JMannThePanda, TheWizardofBOD, TheMissSparks, DirtyLittleDiva & DesireeDevine

I often realize that I've used this blog to bitch about things that bother me, and bring light to areas of the business that most are unfamiliar... but have recently found my blog becoming less fun and erotic and more political. I have a very serious side to me, that analyzes and constantly observes - sorry LOL. ::Note to self:: fix that.

My sexual dry spell continues as our trip to California has been interesting to say the very least. I would have expected to get more content shot or at least encounter some good sex... but I don't have much to truly report. I can tell you I am well over due some good good. I've masturbated ALOT, that's about as much action I claim. Things are starting to look up as we head north to NYC where I have some REALLY interesting shoots lined up. Stay tuned for that.

I've been very quiet lately. I have been observing things, and analyzing my life. There are some definite changes in the near future and more dedication to my needs and goals. Going to prioritize some things and adjust as necessary. My health is definitely on the list of things that will and must be made #1. I am no good to anyone if I am not healthy... therefore some more physical activity and exercise are necessary as well as better eating habits. After visiting my dad it was made abundantly clear that diabetes runs on both sides of my family and you don't have to be overweight to get it. Being that the risk is THAT much higher being overweight, it's time to take proactive action and nip that baby in the bud. My plan is to lose 50lbs and get down to 225. Not TOO much but enough to be on the healthier side of things. I want to live a long time and be able to enjoy my life so I can be FAT and happy but yet still healthy at the same time! Your support would be appreciated!

Past the serious note, leaving California in a couple of days is quite more difficult than I anticipated. Coming here was with mixed emotion considering we weren't sure how it would work out financially. We hustled and made things happen in spite of some of the major let downs that crossed our paths. We didn't get to shoot with the people we had anticipated EXCEPT Shameless Angel. Our schedule just didn't allot the time needed to get up with some of the people we had hoped we would but the good news is we will be back in July/Aug. Ofcourse that means we will make a second attempt to shoot as well as see more things etc. We ARE attending Vegas Bash and then Phoenix in August. After that we will head back east and I plan to take off for at least 9mths. I will still be online, and doing shorter travel dates but the touring will come to a stop. I have things that need to be taken care of at home and that will give me time to work on other projects that tend to get neglected on the road. We have alot of great ideas and need to start saving to execute them. We will be headed north which is scheduled to include but not limited to Atlanta, Charlotte, Fayetteville, NC, DC, Philly, NYC and Albany July 10th for Dream Net Jade or Jade 38H's RED WHITE & BOOB PARTY in Albany. <CLICK HERE>
More to follow soon!