I've contemplated for weeks if I was going to comment or speak on behalf of the obvious split. I am going to keep it VERY simple, we were going in different directions. Unfortunately, it's lead to a less than amicable separation but I'm taking it as the closing of one door and opening of another. As to my feelings on the matter, I am going to remain private as far as they are concerned. So enough about that.

Tampa is NOW my new home! Destiny BBW has fat-napped me and put me to work as her photographer.... and SO much more! LOL She takes very good care of me so I can't complain and I am really seeing things come together here. I am working on several projects but going to keep them hush hush until everything is finalized. Destiny and I have been promoting club PLUSH which is size friendly late night adult fun here in Tampa. Saturdays @ Lava Lounge 210 E Fowler Ave. is where you can find us. Special guest appearances by adult stars, music artists and more coming VERY soon. I'd love to hang out... so come check it out!

Lock in and tune in 9pm est on Tuesdays - that's right! Back by popular demand Platinum Puzzy Radio has re-entered the radio waves and is ALSO streamed LIVE on Ustream.tv! Discussing everything from weight loss & plastic surgery, to industry tips, sex with a bbw vs. ssbbw and SO much more so definitely check me out with my new co-host Destiny BBW! I absolutely love being on the radio and feel like sometimes this is my true calling. I love to laugh, make people laugh and entertain so what better way to bring a true personal touch to what I do to you?

Love life? Well, I know you guys like to hear that everything is wild, crazy and full of dick... well ok, it is! LMAO... did you get scared and actually think that I was going to say BORING? Trust me, I have had to be honest and admit it more times than I care to. Lately, I have had myself a latin boy toy with a name you may know as there is a song after him.... Lady Gaga... haha! True definition of sexy with just enough swag and international flavor to keep me climbing the walls! A gentleman and sweetheart, he makes sure that my puzzy remains Platinum vs gold plated. I enjoy our time together, but it is STRICTLY fun. Although he seems like he is a great guy, I am VERY focused on the projects I am working on and appreciate the occasional sexual distraction but not looking for a long term relationship.

I think that's going to wrap this up for now... I am still here. NEVER fear. Much Love!

XoXo Kari oXoX