It's been a couple of months since I've written last, and my last post was a simple response to the rumors that I had a split with another web model I travel with. Rumors are true and still I refuse to go into intimate detail as to how or why it happened. Just know I am a happier person as a result and ultimately that was my goal.

Aside from that, my love life has been a roller coaster to say the very least. I had someone I was seeing up in Jersey, met him this summer and things just went haywire. I revisited the attempt again this last trip up north, with no success. He still hits me up from time to time, but doesn't seem to have the ambition to put any real effort so that seems to be a hopeless cause. I have someone I am talking to, who lives on the west coast. The distance has made it difficult, but has allowed us the time we need to get to know each other and work out some personal issues as well. Our meet date is coming soon, not sure if it will be during Exxxotica or shortly after but just know that it is coming. We have alot in common, and he is a photographer so finally I will have someone on the other end taking behind the scenes snaps, and great content for my site. Cross your fingers for me!

Ok so to the GOOD stuff. Everyone wants to know how my sex life has been... and it's seen it's good days and its bad. Lately it's been spuratic - been when I have gotten it it's been SOOOO good! I got into Jacksonville last month and had a great trip... but nothing that gave me some good LOVE... so I called OLD FAITHFUL to CUM over and break me off. At first it was awkward because he was talking a bunch of love shit, and being MORE than just fuck buddies but eventually after I was like "Fuck me or go home" he changed his tune and politely fucked me. So he made my pussy SO wet that I had to change the sheets AND the mattress padding. It was SO wet that it went through a thick spongy pad, the cover, the sheets AND the comforter. Now THAT'S what I call making it rain! YummY!

Tampa is my new home. Yes folks, I have moved to a place where I can evade the circles around family and friends pestering in my XxX business! DestinyBBW made an offer I couldn't refuse - be her personal photographer in exchange for a balcony view! Although it's temporary for the moment, it's a BEAUTIFUL view and a great place to get tons of work done. Below is a picture of the St Petersburg pier, another lovely excursion with DestinyBBW enjoying the beautiful warm Florida weather!
Saturday, October 23 @ 8pm is a Meet n Greet hosted by Kristine Cumz -- if you are in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area come meet me amongst some of your other favorite local web models! Tons of fun, and I will be giving out some passes to my site, dvd's and other goodies so COME HAVE FUN WITH US!
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As you can see the new site is not only HOT HOT HOT, but the updates are frequent and nice HiGh QuaLitY footage. My new webmasters take good care of me and do an EXCELLENT job! Check it out! Tell me what you think by emailing me at