Why it bothers models when you tell them you jerked to our work for free

It's been often mentioned on a daily basis that someone has come across my work and jerked off for free. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to hear that men across the world are beating their meat to my porn, however knowing that you got it for free is a MAJOR issue for me. WHY? Should it matter? Yes, indeed it does.

Not that it's any different for the larger companies, because this probably applies to them as well but for us amateur models/actors/producers this is OUR hard earned money, time, effort, and work. We don't make millions like so many people think. Most of us struggle just to get back what we put in and a little extra to pat ourselves on the back.

Let's break it down like this so maybe you as the viewer can better appreciate how the process works. The only part that seems to be recognized is that we are paid to fuck. In AMATEUR we aren't being paid.

A. Depending on location there maybe travel expenses, hotel, clothing/wardrobe, eating, and general expenses inclusive to need to travel.
B. LOCATION: usually done in a hotel
C. TALENT: may be outsourced to a paid actor/actress
D. EQUIPMENT: high quality cameras, lighting, and scene accessories
E. POST PRODUCTION: High quality footage requires special software for editing. Not to mention the countless hours spent editing, promoting, uploading.

----- Once you put it into perspective hopefully you can appreciate the amateur models a little more. NOT taking away any credit from DvD models... but when you do it yourself the work NEVER ends. -----

Please support your girls/guys.