If you were MY man...

I've had ALOT of emails, tweets, and facebook messages asking what kind of things would I like if I had a man. I decided to blog about it since it's a far more detailed answer than just a quick one word. So here goes nothing nothing.

First and foremost, for me keep it simple. Expensive gifts are nice, but not the way to my heart. I like small personal SIMPLE things you do that are far more heart felt than a tennis bracelet or a flat screen tv. For instance, you leave the house and write me a cute little note that says "have a good day" on a post it and place it on the inside of the front door or the bathroom sink. So after your gone, I get this cute little note that makes me smile and makes my entire day! Simple is better for me, much more meaningful.

I also like random text messages that say you are thinking of me or that you miss me. Ofcourse SINCERITY is desired. Advice: DON'T SAY IT IF YOU DON'T MEAN IT! I deal with bullshit, liars, shit talkers, false promises and people gassin me up with shit that's too good to be true on a DAILY basis. Nothing pisses me off more than to have to constantly cut the dead weight bullshitters loose so BE GENUINE.

I am versatile, so sometimes I am a "chill on the sofa in sweats & watch netflix" kind of woman, and other times I am a get all dolled up and hit the town. What I LOVE is when a guy takes control, makes amazing plans and all I have to do is get ready and show up. Being I run my own business, run a household and constantly in a position of power and decision making - I want to unwind, and relax so a man that CAN, WILL and knows how to make an evening exciting without expecting or demanding anything from me is a definite plus. Trust fellas, when YOU do your job a woman is more likely to do hers. A night out or a night at home usually ends up with some sexy play time.

What kind of dates do I like? Well being a diverse person... I enjoy ALL kinds of things... matter of fact not much I don't like. From museums, music concerts, sporting events (football, baseball, basketball) TRAVEL, movies, broadway plays, and so much more. I love to write - poetry. I am ALL about romantic gestures.

I like unique dates... like taking cooking classes together, exercise together, take dance classes, art classes. Anything to stimulate the mind. Let's learn another language... learn to sew... scuba dive... ride horseback...

That's enough for now... more to come later! Hope you enjoy!