Merry EARLY Christmas to me!!

Good times have been lacking in my world with the medical situation I've encountered I've found it difficult to go out and enjoy myself. BUT, this past Saturday my awesome friends came and scooped me up forcing me to get out of the house. Midnight cosmic bowling with the neon lights and music plus drinks and food is always an awesome mix for fun. I had a fan club of haters talking shit about my "fat ass" but I took it as a mere compliment that they were admiring my back side. Afterwards we hit up IHOP where I indulged in one of my favorite meals "Sirloin Tips & eggs"... these tips are SOOO good marinated in Coca Cola and Terriyaki sauce. Mmm, yum yum! Hanging out with the drunks was interesting and looking at how little these girls where out anymore made me want to vomit. What happened to leaving it to the imagination? I wanted to pass out cards and hire them to do porn, they were certainly dressed for it! 5am I returned home and crashed for some beauty rest.

I wanted to go to this game more than anything in the world! Initially I tried to get tickets for a friend of mine that lives in Oakland and myself, but some dumbass told me they were sold out so "out of mind" that idea went. About a week before the game I was made aware of quite the opposite, the tickets WEREN'T selling and could potentially be blacked out from airing on tv. Grrr, so close to the game and other financial obligations in place it was not working in my favor to get my hands on these damn tickets. I tried all I could to pull some strings, pull some favors and hopefully get a chance to go. It was a no go.

Sunday morning, the morning of the game I get a surprise visit to my door. Someone VERY special to me and close to my heart had already obtained tickets for me!! I had just gone to bed around 5am, it's 9am and I was sleeping hard but what better way to wake up then to the news of needing to get ready to tailgate for the RAIDERS game? Can't think of anything... lol maybe sex - but this is a sure #2. So I had to shower & get ready in a hurry and bundle up with cold weather and rain. We got to the season ticket holder parking area where I was surprised to see as many Raiders fans as I did but relieving considering I am in Haguar country lol. We hung out for a couple of hours, played some ball, ate some GOOD soul food & threw back a few Icehouse beers. Before we knew it - GAME TIME!

An exciting game at best, although we lost. I had a blast and it was WELL worth it. A GREAT Christmas gift for sure! So if you want to know what would be a good gift or a date if I come to your town, now you know! :)

Now I am trying to plan next year's tour schedule and travel plans. Finding myself wanting and needing to take some necessary time off although I truly need to shoot content. SO, I have a few plans set forth. Deciding where to go is my biggest problem. January is pretty set, and February is filling up fast. Not sure what I am doing for my birthday Feb 1st. Jan 6-10 I will be in Vegas for the AVN, straight from there I head to NYC for a big party held by a friend of mine, and then... who knows. Sky is the limit.. ambition is my middle name :)~ Want me to come $ee you? Email me - - - on that note, I am off to handle my business cuz a girl is WET & HORNY!