New beginnings BEFORE new years!

For a moment there, I put my head totally into my work to avoid some major decisions and dealing face to face with some personal issues. I made a good choice because inevitably I gave it to the man upstairs and he MORE than took care of everything for me. So having said that.. let's move onto bigger and better things.

Tomorrow I head to Orlando, where I will meet up with DestinyBBW. We will be doing some private sessions there, and shooting ofcourse - and YOU know we will be on that hot cam! click here="" to="" see="" how="" you="" can="" get="" your="" private="" cam="" session="">>

From Orlando, I head to Tampa for a week to spend with NYE with DestinyBBW, Samantha38G, Darling Rikki aka Rikki Waters. It's going to be a VERY memorable new year being brought in by the net's hottest BBW stars! Woot Woot! Special friends/Stars are always full of fun!

My week in Tampa ends with my flight to Vegas for the AVN expo/Awards show. I have SOOOO many shoots planned I don't even know that I will have time for the expo!! Yea, that's good news for my site members and admirers! I am not going to share who I plan to shoot with just in case things get chaotic as I am sure they will... but trust I should come back with a TON of content! I am sure I will have a TON OF FUN it is VEGAS! I plan on getting NO sleep!! LOL

From Vegas I leave to NYC where I will be in NY/NJ/Philly/DC for a month. Roaming around gettin it in! I know it's hard to keep up with me lol. Well you can with my TOUR page. If you wish to meet up with me, take me to dinner, take me to a football or basketball game (lol) I am SO in! Email me or make sure you follow me on twitter @platinumpuzzy!

New updates have been added to and

Aside from that my love life has been sparked. I have someone special that makes me smile. I don't want to put a curse on this with promises of relationships & a big future. All I know is that he is a wonderful man who accepts me for me, and I enjoy his time. He spoils me with attention and tons of goodies (which isn't necessary but always nice) so I can say that I enjoy him. Don't get ya drawz in a bunch, I am not off the market officially. Let's see what happens with things... you still have a chance so you better get on your A game and make an impression! LOL :)~ Wanna know where he finds the things I need and want? **MY WISHLIST**

Gotta get packed, so I am going to wrap this up... Much love - Happy almost 1-1-11!~