Relieved! Sex-capade!

It's been pretty crazy lately with a lot of personal things going on and I've been in desperate need of some good "nookie" for quite a while. I'd been contacted a few times by some men of my past and there was ONE in particular I just had to entertain. The sex was phenomenal so naturally going to see him again for a few years was NO biggie. In town for business, his hotel wasn't too far from me so I went over about 10pm where we met in the restaurant for a late dinner and drinks. Immediately upon laying eyes on him old feelings were reignited and my mind was reminiscing on our sexual escapades. IMMEDIATELY I
was horny, but I had to play a little hard to get. We ate a VERY nice dinner - super juicy, tender steak with the fixins, and quite a few hennessy & cokes. Before I realized an hour and a half had passed, and I was beyond tipsy. We finished dinner, topped off our last drink and carried ourselves up to his room.

I expected him to instantly jump my bones, but much to my surprise he teased me without touching. At first it kind of upset me, because I was SO ready to just get into it but eventually realized how much it just made me so wet & enticed me to relax and enjoy every moment. He began to kiss my neck, gently biting me *which is a HUGE turn on* and then lightly licked my breasts. When he hit my belly, I lost it! I jumped up ready to get on his
manhood. BUT, he pushed me back and held me down FORCING me to let him lick my VERY wet kitty. It felt SO good... slow tongue lashing then forceful fast on my clit made me cum pretty damn fast. Just as I started to cum he quickly placed himself inside me. O BOY~ cumming from oral then a hard cock inside my pussy? Ohhhh weeee.. he started pounding my pussy real hard and telling me how tight my pussy was. He kept saying he missed my pussy so much and how he has dreamed of making love to me for so long. I came over and over with gushing squirt juice all over the bed. I know the neighbors heard us because I was SO loud, moaning and begging for more!

3 hours of slow love, mixed with some hard pounding and some invigorating fo
replay I was in a state of euphoria. We took a shower, meanwhile we called for new linens for the bed which the hotel was not so happy to send someone from the staff to make the bed up *again* at the wee hours of the morning, but they did. We fell asleep, made sweet love one more time in the morning before he had to go to a meeting and off I went saying good bye to an amazing night of some of the best sex I've ever had. Oddly enough, I had no emotional feelings towards him, just a faint lust. Relieved in SO many ways I carried myself home and slept until afternoon.

I am thinking of doing my radio show again. I've had alot of requests to get started again. I may in the new year if things slow down a little more. I would have to start outsourcing some of the things I do. I just don't have alot of time. I would LOVE to get back into doing radio full time. It's a thought :)

Other than that, getting ready for the AVN in Vegas in January. Content shooting will be in full effect. Definitely gotta get all of my online stuff settled this month since I won't have time next year for the first couple of months.
Now on to business...

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Fatty Vs Slim
I had been talking to Jonny Slim online for quite some time as an admirer of his work, I was curious to see what such a “little” guy could offer a fatty like me so we talked back & forth to each other over the coarse of several months. Finally, our day came and he showed me why he is worthy of a fatty like me & any pussy for that matter. With his stamina and sheer passion for fucking this video turned out to be quite the battle of the bulge vs. battle of slim! XxX action!

Hot Tub Rub Off
Nothing is more relaxing than a hot tub with privacy so that I can get my clit on that high stream jet! I take an afternoon dip while visitng California and while in the hot tub take advantage of no one else being IN the hot tub and rub one out. Privacy? Not much, the neighbor was watching thru the fence!!