Can we all just get along?

The answer to that is NO. Unfortunately everyone is stepping on each other in this business to try to reach the top... and if that's the way to the top then I will settle for the middle. I will keep it classy, keep it real, and keep it ETHICAL. I know that's a word a lot of women and men in this business know nothing about but, I will remain true to it. Mouth's are running right now, and if I said it I will own it. If I didn't then perhaps you might want to check the fools spittin lies in your ears. A special thanks for those who saved me the drama, appreciate your departure.

Onto more positive things happening right now! I am still in Vegas, by choice. I have met a very wonderful person who has opened up his heart to me and his home. We have spent some amazing time together and in doing so I have found myself quite productive. A forgiving heart? Not so much, but definitely more mentally geared towards letting go of some of the hurt and just letting go in general. Am I totally over it? No. I know that inevitably some conversation is going to have to take place to get some things off my chest. Reconcile? No. Unfortunately this person inflicted alot of personal drama to my family airing out personal business, attacks and insults online that were viewed by those I care about. To forgive is to move on, to forget is pretend it never happened. Sorry guys, no reunion is in the near future. So you want to know about this guy? Again, apologies. I am cherishing the beauty of what little privacy I do have and keeping his identity a mystery is a part of that. Are we official? Nope. You know I am definitely a hard one to tame. I am enjoying my time here, loving being pampered and amazed at how I miss having my body caressed on a daily basis.

So how were the AVN's? They were great! I had the opportunity to meet Darla Manning aka ADarlingBBW who is an amazing woman, sweet as can be and was soooo understanding to so many situations I couldn't have asked for a better roommate. We shared a hotel together and although we never got to try out her strap on, we did have some awesome personal time together off camera! Please, check out her website and I am sure you will be seeing more from us in the very near future! I also met BBWSuperstarXXX who we invited to come sign at the PornstarTweet booth with us. She definitely showed off her famous ass with all those star tat's and SUPERSTAR across the cheeks. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Pornstartweet, well... it was off to a slow start but once we got to the show it was a go! Pete took good care of us for the most part, although he was super busy with running the booth, keeping up with the models and all the excitement of the show. I can't wait to sign for him again at the next show!!

So I got a room at the Stratosphere, thanks to a VERY generous fan. I was unsure about the stay since there were mixed reviews, and different people had something different to say. I got there and totally enjoyed it. There was an AMAZING diner called Roxy's! They actually sing songs from the 50's (the waiters do!!) the food was fair priced and tasted REAL good. I feel in love with the place! I didn't do much else in the way of seeing Vegas although the night before Darla left we walked the strip a little and I saw the fountain display in front of Bellagio. That was REAL cool.

So my new design is up for Check it out! There is also a new dvd on there. I finally got the chance to shoot with Danny Blaq. Long story a few years ago, we were supposed to shoot.. I got sick ended up having surgery not long after and well he was upset I didn't make it. I probably could've handled it better.. but when you are ill like that you just want to sleep and hope that whatever is wrong goes away. Anyways, he ran into me at the expo and wanted to shoot so I was like sure, let's put the past behind us and work together. He came to my room, and the chemistry was definitely there. We shot an amazing scene with a TON of squirting! Yes, gushing pussy juice EVERYWHERE! That's how I LOVE it! The finale was the cum shot where he grabbed his business card and I put it on my forehead like when you play spades. LMAO good times. The footage is hot and can't wait to get it on the site.

I finally complete my full website design for! Be sure to go check it out. I am SO proud of the final product and ready to start doing more designs and websites. I still intend to go to school to learn more as I am still very novice to the whole process but very proud of what I have learned so far.