Viva Las Vegas! Avn's here i CUM!

Next Stop: VIVA LAS VEGAS - I get in tomorrow night, staying off the strip and signing at the pornstartweet booth #1401 at the AVN EXPO Friday & Saturday Jan 7th & 8th. I will be signing posters & photo cards and also have some of THESE dvd's on hand for sale.

My mind is on overload with all the things I need to get done before touching down in Vegas today. My body is exhausted from working hard. My pussy is SCREAMING for some attention. However, at 5:51pm EST today my flight takes off and leads me to the party city of America - LAS VEGAS! I am going to attend and sign at the AVN awards & Expo which is the biggest adult trade show in the world. Pornstartweet was nice enough to ask me to come and represent for the plus size adult stars along with Darla Manning who I've had the pleasure of talking to online/phone for years but never the opportunity to meet face to face. I am delighted to finally have that chance!! I also have a date with hotness & rising sensation BBWSUPERSTARXXX who is working on some big projects along side some BIG names in the industry. I admire her ambition and her desire to rise above contraversy. As of late, her and I have found ourselves being attacked by some less than ambitious fellow plus size talent with comments that have been far beyond offensive and demeaning. However, it is publicity like this that helps get our names out... and personally I don't take offense. Nonetheless, I am excited to meet these lovely ladies and show the people at AVN's that big girls represent!! Here we cum!

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