I've made it home, back to Florida - actually I got here the 31st of Jan but when I got home I was so exhausted and became sick that I didn't get a chance to blog. The 1st of Feb was my birthday and I was flattered to get all the birthday wishes & surprisingly the gifts. A few of you made my day VERY special, with sending me some VERY intimate gifts and others more practical. Nonetheless, I truly appreciate everything from facebook comments, twitter shout out's and the personal presents.I took about a week off to recover from being super sick. It's time to start paying my health more attention as I've been getting sick more and more than usual. I am sure all the travel doesn't help removing myself from one environment to another. Wish me luck! LOL

I have a ton of work to do, a lot of footage to edit and updates to get up. Check out the new site for all you fetish guys FATTYDOMME is now live with assignments for you to do, photo samples, spoil me page and more. I have also started to doing graphics and websites for adult entertainers like GiGiStarrXXX.com, XratedRochelleLynne.com and BlackPashionXXX.com - keepin it simple & clean is my motto.

Below you will find the new PHOTO updates available on Niteflirt. Click on the photo to purchase.

Aside from that, I will be off for Feb/Mar for the remodeling of my house. So far I've been letting others handle the progress and it hasn't worked out well so I will be home to supervise and make executive decisions on behalf of the changes. Right now things are torn apart, but the vision I have for the final completed project is fabulous I can't wait. Our expected date of finalizing is July. Ofcourse that is finance and weather permitting. Wish me luck!

That's going to wrap today's post up! See ya soon...