Times Dont Get Hard Productions

He called out of no where and said, "Hey Plat.. can I come down for a hot minute I need to get out of Jersey" I replied "BRING IT ON" and within a few days he arrived at about 4pm est. A good 15hr drive he got out his car like a tall glass of water standing 6'5" bright skinned with a baby face, it was love at first sight!! LOL But really now, we had been talking business for a few months and it was nice to finally meet this ambitious character face to face. He came in the house, relieved to finally be off the road and hungry for some grub. It wasn't long before we were undressed and fucking!! Yes, ladies the dick is like 10" and BEAUTIFUL!! It wasn't intended to be filmed... but being MiMi Melons was there watching she picked up the camera for her debut behind the camera and filmed our escapade. It hurt at first, but eventually started feeling so good!! You can check out the video HERE. Our 2 weeks flew by, with a great experience and super close connection.

We did make way to see Jenna Divyne in Orlando and shot some footage with her. We sipped on some Ciroc, turned on the camera and went to town. 2 scenes with Flames and Jenna and a scene with me and Jenna where I dig in and eat her like a chinese buffet! The footage will be released soon! Stay tuned...

After Flames left, Rikki Waters aka Darling Rikki came to visit. We got a ton of footage shot, stayed at the Sheraton hotel which lead me to think I was going to get to answer the door for the delivery guy naked since that seems to be my new fetish but much to our surprise they had a key only entry into the elevator. Shame.... Slave Andy came by to shoot with us where we did a giantess video, tease N denial, girl girl strap on and more. Tons of great footage and even more fun!!

Also while Rikki was here, I had my long time slave come over for some shopping and much needed abuse. The videos are off the chain!! He was teased, made fun of, yelled at, forced to worship me, and so much more. Gotta show love for my subs lol look at how ridiculous he looks here! You can see more at Fatty Domme!

Last but not least I made a quick trip to Savannah where i found this VERY intriguing restaurant. Now that's the kind of place I like to FILL my mouth with!! LOL

And then the tweet came announcing my nomination for Urban X Awards "BBW of the Year" ... I didn't believe it. Seriously, I asked them if it was real. They tweeted me from the URBAN X AWARDS twitter account "yes its real"

Once voting opens up I will get you the information so you guys can go show support!