Club Plush Tampa

So it's no secret that I've been to this place quite a few times, and that I've engaged in a possible promotions position. Unfortunately due to my heavy travel schedule, shoot schedule, and other obligations elsewhere I just don't have the time and ability to stay in Tampa as I had once planned. Ofcourse, that doesn't stop me from making the occassional visit to Club Plush from time to time SO, in efforts to support our favorite down south BBW hot spot, Jenna Divyne and I came by Saturday to show some love.

Erika Red BBW sent me a direct message on twitter letting me know she was in town this weekend as well and would also be at Club Plush. Exciting news for me as I've been waiting to meet her for a while. We arrived at the hotel LATE as usual since the drive from Orlando was extremely hectic. Disney traffic was a bitch, and we had to ride out to Sebring to pick up a couple of essential items as well. Finally landing at the NASTI-EST hotel in the world... well maybe not THAT bad but their service was horrible with rude personnel, no towels, dirty ass floors, and simply a trashy establishment. The ONLY reason we stayed there was because they had the club attached and what better way to party and drink without having to drive? So we checked in, got ready to hit up the club and by midnight we finally rolled in.

We got there to find that Darling Rikki aka Rikki Waters was beside herself having the best time. Feeling the groove of the music she was on the dance floor getting jiggy with it! We hung out for a while with our fellow HWH and then Erika walked up and asked "Are you Platinum?" I was scared at first... but then she told me who she was and it was like a reunion of old friends. We had a BLAST... and she introduced me to her camera guy who was WAY hot. About 6'3 buff bald head I was in LOVE! He picked me up and put me on the bar! Yes, all 260 lbs of me was picked up and it made me cream my panties. (Yes for you long time followers who know I hate to wear panties I was wearing them!) Needless to say we all hit it off VERY well!

Somewhere along the line I was informed that Plush had a special guest in the house which we will not name directly for purposes of privacy, and to give this person free promotions. We have had MANY incidents/threats/words online that indicated that she was going to "assault me" when she saw me however she had the PERFECT opportunity yet failed to follow through. I simply ignored her even when standing 2 ft in front me. She doesn't exist, therefore I refuse to acknowledge her.

Unfortunately, things got out of hand when Miss Rikki offered to buy her a drink.. but was quickly dissolved. Fighting doesn't resolve anything. Be about it, don't TALK about it which is a common disease in this business. Trashing each other doesn't accomplish anything. I haven't been innocent of saying things that probably should have remained silent, and that happens but there are select people who run their mouth's CONSTANTLY and completely degrade others, display PERSONAL information & business and simply make what should be an ADULT experience quite childish. Please, stop the hating. You can fix it by MASTURBATING!

Looking for other BBW clubs to stop and check out and review. If you want YOUR club to be one of our HWH stops, email me at I have a BIG event going down in Sept/Oct so I am seeking ONE of these clubs to host. Will be checking them out first.... seeing what the crowd is like, the music and the venue. Stay tuned for what's next on Tuesday Apr 5th -