I had been invited to Club Deluptous quite a few times over the past year and just never had the opportunity to go. I took it upon myself to take that opportunity when present this Saturday April 1st while visiting Jenna Divyne in Orlando. We had to shop for "Little black dresses" since it was a special 1yr affair and anniversary for the club. That in itself was a mess... lol Making sure we stepped out looking like a million bucks.

We pulled up to a sushi bar, an upscale place that just made me feel right at home. (I LOVE the culture) Ofcourse not before I busted my ass on the concrete right in front of the club!! Yes... a knee scrape from my heel getting stuck in the cracks. I wasn't even embarrassed.. I bounced back up and headed up the stairs ready to party. Ofcourse once I got up the stairs and the adrenaline came down I realized I was bleeding and the VERY nice & hot gentleman at the door Louie was very much catering to my "boo boo". He swabbed it with alcohol and put a couple of band aid's on it. The girls were trippin out b/c they wished THEY had fallen and was getting the nursing treatment from the hottie! LOL

Immediately we were greeted with our friend Jersey, a smaller girl with a big ass and LONG pretty curly hair! She was wearing her little dress that barely covered her butt... yeah - she got it like that! Her friend bought us our first round of drinks. Long Island for me and Jenna was sippin on Grey Goose & Cranberry. Quickly, we felt the vibe of the party and began dancing. I got some hater stares, cuz my new weight loss was lookin OH so good in that dress!! LOL And ofcourse I am a new face so the guys were checkin me out. A few knew who I was, but some were just eye ballin the fresh meat.

Round 2 of drinks was bought by Jenna's other friend and I danced a bit with his friend. Ofcourse I don't do corny "Let's fuck" lines so that connection broke fast. I caught this cutie in a kangol peepin me out so I got close enough to him and asked if he wanted to dance. Next thing you know we were takin shots of Patron and on the couch with my shoes off gettin a NICE foot rub. Mack momma was in full effect with corn ball in front of me, kangol next to me rubbin the feet, and a cute lil asian kid next to me on the right. I told old boy to hold on while I reached over to give him my #... good times.

Jenna and I left to go eat at Ihop.. and off to bed we went. Good times!

Highlight of the night was when a young lady walked up to me and said "Your confidence is inspiring to me" Now that's what this is all about. Not being JUDGED for doing adult material, because I feel COMFORTABLE with myself, but someone appreciating that I can be plus size and not feel like I have to hold my head down in shame!! WE ARE SEXY TOO!

Club Deluptous was diverse, played a variety of music and very welcoming. If you are in Orlando, check them out!


aDarlingBBW said…
Sounds like you had fun.. go girl..