New male talent

As of lately I have had a rash of extremely OVERLY dramatic situations where someone asked me to shoot with me... or simply. get their foot in the door. It seems NO matter how honest, or how nice or HOW you answer it always ends up the same. What kills me is that these guys expect you to run at the chance to shoot with them. You haven't been tested... you have no experience... you have no location... you just want to show up, fuck and GET the footage.

Come on, do your homework before contacting me. I am no newbie to this and I am not stuck up but keep in mind that I have the right to CHOOSE who I shoot with, who I help get in the door etc.

Having said that... let me tell you about the last few guys that INSISTED I shoot with them. Aside from coming at me completely unprofessionally... it seems that unless I actually agree to shoot or TRAVEL to them to shoot they get their feelings hurt and lash out online about how I'm a stuck up drama bitch, or think I'm TOO good to shoot with them. Let's be real folks... it's pretty obvious I am already pretty busy with the projects I have going on, so understanding my schedule and committments from the get go is a must. You wouldn't DEMAND to shoot with
Sara Jay or Cherokee and expect them to drop what they're doing, fly to you, pay for the hotel and shoot with you before doing anything else would you? IF YOU GOT IT LIKE THAT then you don't NEED to shoot with me. I am just a minnow in a pool of amateur stars, those are BIG fish running the pond.

What's even more frustrating at the situation is that it seems no matter how delicate I try to handle the situation, or how diplomatic I am about responding it ALWAYS turns out like THIS:

Not really sure why all of this was necessary. The tweets have been going on since yesterday. Whatever tho... just goes to show that you can't expect EVERYONE in the adult business to be act like an adult. That's just childish... I want to shoot with grown men. Enough said.

Moral of the story: don't hit me up to shoot unless you are prepared to be professional about it and that means accepting the word NO.