I know, a lot of people have asked what happened with Unfortunately, I've been using BlogTalkRadio to host my show and since I have increased my listeners, they have limited my abilities unless I upgrade to a elite account holder. I already pay $40 a month for premium, but it only allows up to a certain amount of listeners. Once you go past a certain amount they require you to upgrade again. So with that in mind, and the technical problem I've experienced with their site... I've decided to find another way to host my show. Shoutcast/Winamp seems to be the best way to do this... so VERY soon I will be able to host ANY TIME I want, and have as many listeners without any issues. 24 hours a day LIVE anytime I want. So... stay tuned for that.

I will be setting up to have others dj various shows with a more diverse concept and listening audience. What do YOU want to hear? What kind of topics interest you when tuning in? I want our shows to cater to YOUR needs and listening desires... So thank you so much for your patience as we upgrade and make the necessary changes to be available for you in the future!!