5 myths about fat people

I have read a lot of negative things about overweight individuals, and decided that a blog about "Overweight People Myths" was in order.

#1. Overweight people eat all the time and stuff their mouth's in a manner that is disgusting and repulsive.

This is by far one of the MAJOR untruths considering that there are more ways to gainging weight than constant eating and stuffing. Moreso than HOW much you eat, it's WHAT you eat that is more inclined to place extra pounds on your body than the quantity of food. In my case, I eat 2-3 times a day with minimal snacking, therefore I speak from experience by saying that it has to be what I eat. In fact it is what I eat that causes any weight gain or failure to drop pounds. I have seen a nutritionist and been told that my weight is solid, and is because my favorite foods are pasta, bread and carbs. If I were to cut those 3 things out of my diet along with sodas I would slim down pretty fast.

#2. All fat people are lazy.

As I am sure in some cases this may apply, it is not true all of the time. Oddly enough, there are plus size people who actually exercise and are quite active. Something to consider with people of size is that it can be hereditary. Sometimes there are other causes for a persons inability to lose excess weight.

#3. Big people are insecure and lack confidence.

I am a prime example of how that is NOT true. If anything, I am probably one of the most confident people I know and have ever met. I have come a long way, but my being "fat" hasn't made me less confident. Insecure? Not at all.

This is a huge misconception as MOST people in general whether BIG or SMALL are insecure or lack confidence. I believe that it comes from LIFE experiences more so than one's size. Furthermore, the act of being fat isn't what causes these types of feelings. It's the PEOPLE they encounter that try to make them feel like less of a person because they aren't what society considers BEAUTIFUL. Bite it, chew it and spit it out - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AT ANY SIZE!

#4. Big girls are easier to have sex with.

Apparently you have never encountered the pussy prude, that would be me. I am 260lbs at 5'6 and trust me, getting in these panties is NOT an easy task. Not many can say they have done so successfully. And IF you take advantage of a big girl JUST to have sex, you are FAR more pathetic than the girl who fell victim to whatever you did to get in her pants.

#5. All fat people are unhealthy.

Although being overweight has it's health disadvantages and problems, it's unfair to assume anyone who packs on extra weight is an automatic health risk. You can be skinny and get cancer. You can be fit and develop health problems. The CHANCES of health issues are higher, I agree with that but we can be happy, functioning people with the ability to lead NORMAL lives and manage our health at the same time.