Preparation for Exxxotica

As the departure time for Exxxotica rapidly approaches, and I realize what I forgot to do, and the things that I procrastinated on... I think of a few tips for people who are "do it yourself'-ers" for these shows. A lot of us are amateur performers and coming on a limited amount of funds, so spending gazillions of dollars on promotional items is just not in the budget. Therefore, we are forced to do it all ourselves. So I compiled a few tips to help those who are in this same boat.

First of all, if you are making your own dvd's... Save a MASTER copy of each title dvd for copying only. I could kick myself for selling my master copy like an idiot and now I am having to RE-BURN the entire dvd. The ORIGINAL burn takes freaking FOREVER... so needless to say you save yourself that issue by keeping a master to copy only. The copying is literally minutes and that includes SEVERAL copies.

Secondly, labeling has been a bitch. I have found a program and labels that I love - Memorex Expressit Label Design program. It's easy to use, and I rarely have label alignment problems which is common with DIY projects. Business Cards are a no go for me... I am UNABLE to get them to line up correctly so much respect to those of you who can do it! LOL

Photos are a pain in the ass too! The resolution has to be high for it to print properly and unpixelated. Vistaprint is the best for this, cheap prints and eliminates hours of endless printing and ink replacements. It takes a few weeks unless you pay double for an order rush, but planning in advance will help eliminate the rush charge.

Less is NOT more... it's better to have too much than not enough. Nothing is more embarrassing than to be in a network situation with no business cards in hand. I learned a tough lesson at Internext 2009 (more than just this but this applies to the topic) -- Speed networking was a GREAT way to meet a ton of people but the worst impression was when they asked for a card and I had RUN OUT! Yeah... bringing a FEW was just dumb. I could've slapped myself for this mistake.

A portable scanner is SOOOO helpful. I have the Pentax DSMobile 600, a slim very easy to carry around FULL paper size scanner which works wonders for scanning business cards, and full length model release forms. It has saved me a TON of space and allowed me to not have to go through major drama getting id copies.

That's it for today's "tips" be prepared from some crazy blogging coming in the next few days... Exxxotica Miami is sure to be OFF the FLIPPIN chain!