I have found myself smack dab in the middle of a few dramatic situations with individuals who are upset that I chose not to shoot porn with them. As a result of my choice and selective nature, a hater bash took place. I have a few things to say about my CHOICE to shoot with whom I want or the being selective.

First and foremost, just because a guy offers to shoot with me... which happens DAILY doesn't mean that I am entitled to give him a "chance." As much as I like helping someone get their dick in the door, I have to remain selective for my own personal health and peace of mind. This is MY body and whether for porn or simply fucking off camera I have the right to choose whom I want to fuck, be intimate with or have an encounter with. Who are you to think I HAVE to be with you whether on film or not? Dick comes a dime a dozen.

Secondly, how do I know that you are ABLE to shoot in front of people, hot lights and a camera? It's a much different setting from a real porn shoot than throwing a camera on a tripod in your bedroom or a hotel and fucking someone you are already familiar with. Rude videos don't count as being "experienced." That simply means you've posted up some home videos in most cases. So now you are asking me to take time out of my busy schedule HOPING you turn out to be decent talent and crossing my fingers that you are "qualified" talent.

Take a moment to sit back and consider what a shoot involves.
a) Location.
b) Camera equipment.
c) Lighting.
d) Make up/Hair/outfit(s)
e) Shoot products (lube, condoms, etc)
f) Post shooting - editing.

A huge turn off for a lot of women in this industry is coming off as desperate, needy or TOO pushy. When you hit up EVERY bbw pornstar and model online you present yourself as a "porn groupie." You seem like you are just trying to get some kitty action more than actually shooting USABLE content. Think about it, it's a fantasy for many men to be a porn star considering the lifestyle they imagine comes with the title. How would THIS be any different? If you want to live out your fantasy THAT'S perfectly acceptable, PAY FOR IT. That's right. Pay for your fantasy to be fulfilled and move on. Same thing applies to "trying out for porn." Pay for it. Offer to pay for the initial shoot and watch how the tone with change. Now you are giving your female counterpart/talent the opportunity to be compensated for her time, efforts, and established name. Give her the option to do you a favor verses treating her like you are doing her the favor.

Why did I choose the male talent I have shot with already? Most of them were ESTABLISHED friends that I was already bonded with and knew we had a connection. For me, my work is not just "porn" but chronicles of my life. Arrogance is a huge turn off, and for me I want my porn to show a TRUE side of me. Therefore, I need to have chemistry with my guy.

Further more, how do you expect me to want to take the chance when you conduct yourself online and offline like a sensitive drama queen? Come on, this is the ADULT business so why are you acting like a child? If you can't handle rejection then you surely can't handle the ADULT business. This isn't the place for someone who is looking to have their ego stroked.

So my advice to you is this... think about what you do have to offer. Having a big dick, being a good looking guy or having had some awesome sex doesn't mean you qualify to being a porn star. Ask any ESTABLISHED male star what it takes... do your homework and find out what the biz is REALLY like before you decide to pursue your pornstar dreams. There is so much more than you can imagine.

Good luck in your pursuit! FYI, this applies to SEVERAL individuals who have hit me up in the recent months, not just anyone in particular.