What's new with me...

Prepare your eyes on this one... I am going to try to keep it from turning into a rambling session so bare with me! LOL

First, I am totally sun burned! I went to the beach with Mimi Melons and our Mystic Mistress and took some time to unwind. I had to get my mind right with all going on right now it was totally necessary. I think I unwound just a little too much because now I look super red! LOL The great thing that came from my day was my ability to reconnect with myself, and some of my projects were given life again while another was born. I am also going to be putting some of the things I've been trying to do to rest... the obituary with be coming soon.

My new idea requires a new camera, so I will be working hard on obtaining a high quality camera to film some exclusive footage only available RIGHT HERE on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL so make sure you go SUBSCRIBE now to stay up to date on the latest funny videos! If you want to help me get that camera... I am always cutting GREAT deals on videos, memberships, dvd's, private cam shows w/phone & more so let's see what WE can do to help each other!

Tonight I will be hitting Art Walk in downtown Jacksonville to enjoy the artsy life of the city. If you are in the area come check it out... who knows you might run into me and the entourage!!

So it's no secret that I am a lonely lady.... and that dating in this business is virtually impossible however I refuse to give up! I am going to try speed dating next week. Yeah, a friend of mine suggested it so if anything else I can be secretly looking for potential male talent! LOL Wish me luck!

Let's take a moment of silence for my lost 1tb harddrive. A LOT of irreplaceable files were on there and cannot be recovered. #devistating

Video blogs will be coming soon to MY SITE per the request of many of my site members. Also being added is a secret project that is NOT being done on any other site. If you AREN'T a member, when I release THIS feature you will WANT to be I promise!! I wish I could tell you but I gotta keep this one under wraps! Here is the latest video update on PlatinumPuzzy.com featuring BBW TEEDRA DIORA!

Latest photo updates:

I want to extend thank you to @BBWGirlTweet for their devotion to our plus sized entertainers. If you aren't following them on twitter you definitely SHOULD! I signed for their booth at AVN in Vegas and had the pleasure of meeting Pete Housley. Amazing staff, neat guy and definitely some big things poppin' for them - Hope to see you guys at Exxxotica Miami!
This is a throwback photo from 2009 Miami show
This leads me to my NEXT topic - getting prepared for the expo May 20-22nd! So much to still do... it seems like a NEVER ending to do list but we WILL be there representing #teamHWH aka HeavyWeight Hotties! So far we have confirmed to be with us is Sienna Hills, Black Pashion XXX, Mimi Melons, myself and Gigi Starr XXX. Darla Manning aka A Darling BBW will not be coming after her major troubles after the Atlanta trip. I tell ya, big up's to her making Atlanta. Her and her husband suffered one major issue after the next. They are TRUE survivors! Love you girl... we will miss you but look forward to going to Exxxotica Chicago July 8-10th. Anyways, if you are in the Miami area or plan on being down for the expo and you want to shoot with us, go behind the scenes at one of our shoots or just hang out with us at the expo - we CAN make that happen for you! Email me now platinumpuzzy@gmail.com and let us know what it is you want to do and we will extend the terms. See you in Miami!

Next on the INTENDED travel schedule is the #teamHWH going to Urban X Awards being held in Los Angeles July 23rd at the 740 Club downtown. We have yet to reserve our booth, which should've been booked but other things have taken priority. Definitely the next thing WE MUST DO. Wanna come to the awards with us? Ride in the limo with us? Come shoot with us at the hotel? Here is another event you can definitely get V.I.P. treatment so hit me up to find out more on how you can be our date!!

That covers just about everything! :)~