Overdramatized, leave me out of it.

The only reason I am speaking about it at all is because everyone likes to draw their own conclusion and put things in my mouth that I didn't say so to save confusion and get straight to the point I am going to lay it all out here.

Over the last few days I have received numerous calls from various individuals regarding a situation that transpired prior to the weekend involving a male star and his prior work history. The news came as a shock. Before too much longer, someone had made some phone calls only to escalate the situation apparently when the first bit of news didn't cause as much of a reaction as they had hoped... and this next bit of information would cause enough drama to fill an entire year's worth of daily soap opera's. I didn't know what to believe and in turn simply stated that I wasn't willing to shoot with this person based on the things I saw via twitter where name bashing, threats, etc were exchanged between one of the female stars and himself. "I choose not to do business with people that are unable to conduct themselves professionally" was a pretty accurate statement. ....there is more.

Today this male star and I were able to speak, and although I am still not sure who or what to believe I wanted him to know my side of things (which really had NO side since I didn't have anything to do with this anyways) and most of all to clear the air on any potential issues that had arisen in conjunction with a fellow HWH during this fiasco. I don't know who said what... at this point I don't really care - just keep me and my name out of it. I am neutral, and will choose whom I want to shoot with at any given time. If you choose to judge me for that, then that's your weight to bare, not mine.

However, there was a good point raised in this whole showcase. TESTING importance which was important before but made it even MORE of an issue as of now. In the midst of all this drama, someone made a claim that this star was HIV positive. THAT'S DEEP. We all work in an industry where news like that false or true, could completely damage someone's reputation and career. I do feel for the guy knowing how some false information of that weight can cause major issues with his livelihood. So testing is a MAJOR factor. Thanks for reminding me in case I may not have been as persistant about it. Sidenote: The star has negative results after being tested the day the rumor was started.

I am aware I have haters, and I know that I will continue to add to the pool... I am ambitious, intelligent, down to earth and business minded. I get that part. Competition? Maybe. But I am not set out to bring anyone down, or get them out the game. I simply don't have time for it. My day consists of working on websites for people like TISHA SWEET CANDY, setting up shoots for MIMI MELONS, managing the many websites I run, promoting myself (which I have been quite lazy with lately), making phone calls regarding my business -hell I barely have time to blog anymore... etc etc etc. I don't have time to stalk profiles and worry about what you guys are doing. I could honestly care less. I keep my shit off the social networks because its a) tacky and b) distracting and c) a waste of time and d) we tend to react before we think so why do something you could potentially say ignorantly. I know people talk about me, bad good and indifferent - I DONT CARE about that either. It's when they stop talking that you should be alarmed.

So with all that said, the message I want to be heard loud and clear is this... I am unhappy with the actions of some of those involved in the above mentioned scenario. I think this could have been handled much differently. I am guilty of relaying unconfirmed information when I thought someone's safety was concerned and defend my actions based on the information I did have. If I had it to do over again, not sure if I would have handled it the same. I learned a valuable lesson myself THAT I can and will admit. I will also say that some of you are playing both sides, trying to turn people against each other and create drama with intention. That is not only UNprofessional, but shows a real lack of class. I would've hoped better for this industry and will still do my best to strive for excellence and rise to a better, higher quality work ethic. As for some, I can't expect the same. You don't have to like me... You don't have work with me.. but is all of this REALLY necessary?

I am going to close with this final statement, "You get out of this business what you put in. If all you contribute is senseless drama, don't expect much more in return. I will continue to work hard, and do my best to make professional choices. I will continue to improve my product, work harder to brand myself and my product. I will NOT allow others to control the destiny of my career. "