Industry education... time for school

I've seen it all from stripper parties to the dirtiest hoe downs.  I don't judge, I just choose what I want to be involved in and personally for me my entertaining days have come to an end.  I have chosen another path for myself and it's not the golden path to heaven, just a more professional position in the industry. I am not gone, washed up, too old, scared or losing my skills... I am simply on some bigger picture shit.  REAL TALK.  From the online skeezer drama and charades to the male talent bitchin and moaning about rejection it was time to take things in a new direction and given the hard work I have put in this business and money invested LEAVING completely was NOT an option.

SO .. that leaves us with some general advice for ladies breaking into the industry.  There are some basic things you should JUST know before making this a full out career or even a small time hobby business.   Here are some of the things I suggest.

1.  Always have a CURRENT copy of your photo id with you at all times.  HAVE a SCANNED copy as well.   Matter of fact keep a flash drive JUST for shooting with you at all times with a copy of your id, copies of your release and 2257 forms, your banner, your bio... etc.

2.  Professionalism is the best look you can ever wear.  Online and offline, being UNprofessional is a quick career killer.  If you don't know what being professional is.... then you aren't being it.  Seek professionalism training immediately.

3.  Ambition is good, being too persistant is not.  One thing that totally turns me off is a thirsty guy who goes over board demanding to work with me.  It's a VERY simple process.  Submit an email, include photos of full body, full nude, face, etc.  Spell check your work, and sound like you have some sense.  "Hi, this is XxX and I am interested in working with you.   My stats are:   I am located in:    I have worked with:    I am available:    And I am interested in content exchange or a paid shoot.  << This is VERY important because a lot of female talent doesn't PAY their male talent.  If you expect to be paid, she can let you know immediately her terms and negotiate from there.  Although MANY won't respond, and some will with rejection, simply say THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION and keep it moving.  Grudges are unbecoming of fresh new talent and quite frankly no better looking on established talent.

4.  Your online reputation is just as important as your offline.  What you say, how you say it and in what manner you speak is your first impression for many companies and producers who may have interest in working with you.  What does YOUR timeline reveal?  If you are constantly going off on people, or simply refuse to use grammatically thought out statements, it's not a good look.  Take time into considering what you are telling people when speaking on a public timeline.

5.  Don't let other people sway your opinion on working with a specific company or person.  Consider what they say, and pay attention to how they conduct themselves online.  However, don't limit yourself by taking on someone else's enemies.  What may have turned out to be a bad situation for them, could easily be miscommunication or even just a personal situation gone wrong.  Be cautious, but smart.

6.  Be on time.  If you are hired for a project or job, be on time.  It usually goes without saying but often times people in this industry get too comfortable with thinking it's not a real 9-5.  Treat it like one, and you are more inclined to get paid like one.

7.  Treat this as a business not a hobby.  Unless you are ok with a little chunk of change for your revenue then you need to treat this like a business.  If you devote hobby hours to it, you will get paid hobby money.

8.  Quality VS Quantity.  At first most people are more eager to get as much content as possible.  Quite contrary.  Take the time to upgrade your equipment and upgrade your quality.  Trust me, you will see the difference in the loyalty of the customers.

9.  Stay tested.  It goes without saying that having a clean test result at all times is not only mandatory its for your own piece of mind and for last minute calls to work.  Not having a current test could cost you MORE than paying to have it done.

10.  Don't over do it in the beginning.  Working with TOO many companies can reduce your life span in the industry if you are over shot and over exposed.  The great thing about being a NEW model is that everyone wants to shoot with you.  Just because they do doesn't mean you should jump at every opportunity.  You are NEW fresh faces get paid BIG $$.  Don't let the "you have no experience" comment make you low ball yourself.  Your face will bring NEW fans.  Research the company you are considering working for and determine if that's the kind of site you are willing to put on your resume.  Once its done, its done - there is no going back.


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