Welcome back

I rarely have time to blog anymore, and it kills me as I always have so much to say.  I made some time today to update the public on what is currently going on with me, hold onto your panties/boxers.  LOL  Since Exxxotica things have been full speed ahead and going so fast I have barely had time to update my own sites.  With the promotion at BBWFANFEST headquarters, and taking on the show FULL time, my responsibility to make the show a huge success is a major one.  BBWFANFEST is the first of it's kind, and making year one a success to the point that we have to change venues next year because of the need for more space is my goal.  I have NO intentions of ousting BBW BASH, as their a HUGE part of the success for Size positive gatherings and Friendly entertainment.  As a matter of fact, I have yearned to go but have not yet had the opportunity.  I fully intend to go following BBWFANFEST to show support and camaraderie for our fellow bbw's.

Below you will find one of many videos that will be going up from the Exxxotica show as I hired a professional videographer to maintain our video footage.

I am VERY proud of the results from Exxxotica, seeing as though it has landed some major support from sponsors who initially didn't take the show very serious.   I honestly can say I love my job... my life and everyone in it.  Feels good to let go of dead weight.

On another note, having been told that my online professionalism helped me land the connections and positions I have gave me confirmation that I am still doing not only a good job, but essentially the right thing. I tell these girls to be careful what you say because you NEVER know who may be watching, and while you may not care today when someone is turned off by your online presence, it's the worst first impression you could ever make and not even know it.  Key:  PROFESSIONALISM.

The studio has been quite an ordeal with highs and lows like no other.  We found a commercial location that offered privacy, a great landlord, the ability to expand AND the right price.  Unfortunately it just wasn't time.  Shortly after, we were offered a private residential space which opened up before us with no warning.  We are picking out the paint, pricing the decor and ordering the equipment to start operations by Feb.  Hiring help and girls has been interesting to say the least.  I will keep you updated on that as we go along.
Mimi Melons and I are starting "Phat Jax" BBW night @ Bamboo Lounge in Jacksonville, FL !  Starting Jan.28th, 2012 we will start our celebration of curves series with the Platinum Puzzy birthday bash!  Come celebrate the AQUARIUS in me.  PhatJax.com coming soon!

Don't forget to show love for BBWGIRLTWEET as I am still on deck for that project.  Things have been dormant for a while since there has been a little restructuring going on, but soon will be in full swing.  Check out all the hot bbw's and entertainers there!

Back by popular demand, PlatinumPuzzyRadio.com will be in your ear once again.  Preparations are being made to relaunch the site and the show with a whole new format.  Keep your ears peeled for that one!

Aside from that, stay tuned.